Google has a new dynamic to protect us from malicious links

Google Chat is receiving a new update that aims to protect users from malicious content and phishing attacks.

Following the same dynamics that we find in other Google services, such as Gmail and Drive, a series of warnings will be displayed when suspicious messages are detected in the chat. We tell you what it is.

Google Chat will show warnings to protect you from malicious links

Google has been adding different functions and dynamics to some of its services to protect users from malicious content. For example, Google Drive and Gmail display warning messages when they detect suspicious links. And now this same dynamic will also apply to Google Chat.

As mentioned by the Google team, Chat will display warnings when phishing messages are detected or messages containing malicious links come from users with personal Google accounts.

As you can see in the image above, they are warnings that will be difficult to go unnoticed, since red is used to attract attention and is accompanied by the message “This invitation is suspicious”. The message gives the user two options: block the message or accept it if they recognize the source.

And this will not be the last Google service to implement these warning messages. The Google team has also mentioned that it will take Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations. Although they have not mentioned when it will be applied in these Google products, they are expected to be implemented during this year.

As for Google Chat, this update has already been released, and will be available for both Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, Business customers and personal Google accounts. If you don’t see it in your account, don’t worry, it can take up to 15 days for this update to roll out to all accounts.

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