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Disney’s rodent duo make their big comeback in a live-action film that blends animation and live action to perfection. Critical.

The fashion of reboots has been all the rage in pop culture for several years now. Sometimes good but often bad, these new releases have the unfortunate tendency of disappointing early fans without succeeding in captivating a new audience. This time, Disney+ has given itself the heavy task of reviving one of its cult cartoons from the 90s: Tic et Tac the Risk Rangers.

The firm with big ears sees things big with a feature film, where Tic and Tac were once content with a series. The format of the original work changes from a series to a film, and Disney offers us a complete redesign of the universe to offer a drastically different look at the license. In this new version, cartoon characters live in harmony with humans.

Live action therefore invites itself into the real world, which is reminiscent of Space Jam and other films of the genre where our favorite cartoon characters interact with live actors. Disney plays the originality card to reintroduce its two cult mascots, putting nostalgia at the service of humor.

Screenshot of the film with all the headliners of the original cartoon
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When the absurd becomes believable

Succeeding in mixing real and fictional worlds to make a believable universe is not an easy task. And yet, this rewriting of the Tic et Tac universe has its effect from the first minutes of the film, which manages to immerse us in a wacky version of our world. Cartoon characters live among us, and that’s perfectly normal. They go to school, live in the same cities as us and live from very human trades.

The meta cinema invites itself, Tic et Tac are no longer just fictional characters but the actors of their own hit series. The charm operates immediately: the cult cartoon takes on a whole new dimension in this parallel universe and then manages to reinvent itself without distorting itself. Different scenes filled with humor serve to lay the foundations of the universe and make us believe in it.

For example, discovering the filming of their series on a film set in the company of a whole technical team allows you to understand in an instant the real aspect of cartoons in this universe. The film breaks the fourth wall to better bring us into the story, and it works.

Screenshot of the film with the film set of the Tic and Tac series in this parallel universe
© Disney+

More than a simple reinvention of the work, it is the characters themselves who are then reworked. Camped by Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99) et John Mulaney in the original version, the two mascots change completely and become almost human. The two actors manage to imbue the characters with their character and their derision without completely altering them. A rather clever way to infuse the narration with an offbeat humor as well suited to nostalgic fans as to today’s children.

The Laughter Rangers

The strength of the film undoubtedly lies in the quality of its humor. In comparison with the work on which it is based, this title seems almost like a dystopia for the happy little characters we know. Show business is a cruel world, and the film does not hesitate to let us know it. Between well-forged metaphors allowing serious topics such as addiction to be tackled, and assumed criticisms of the animation industry, nothing is left to chance. The result is a perfectly constructed and comic universe.

The humor is more mature, allowing the film to appeal to an older audience that grew up with the original cartoon. The youngest will not be left out. Indeed, the character of Tic and Tac and the classic gags from Disney are obviously present and will manage to amuse the youngest spectators.

Screenshot from the movie with Tic and Tac partying with the Three Little Pigs and Roger Rabbit
© Disney+

This version of Tic et Tac the Risk Rangers full of references of all kinds that will delight pop culture fans. Every second of the film, every shot manages to perfectly parody a whole bunch of works that are close to the hearts of children of the 1990s and 2000s. takes for his rank. Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and more see their mascots pilloried in this comedy. We are witnessing a melting pot of pop culture so whimsical that Tic et Tac: The Rangers of Risk undeniably stands out as the illegitimate child of Roger Rabbit et Free Guy.

Finally, the film could almost bear the title of Tic et Tac in the Multiverse of Madness so much the cameos and other references take us by surprise. It makes you wonder how Disney was able to obtain the rights to so many licenses without getting into trouble. But more than just a motor for the humor of the script, this diversity brings a real visual identity to the film.

A tribute to the art of animation

The composition of the film and the use of so many different characters makes it possible to Tic et Tac the Risk Rangers a real tribute to the animation industry and to the works that populate it. First of all, the fusion between the real world and the animated world allows us to take us back to the magic of cult films like Mary Poppins, Roger Rabbit and so many others. These films are paragons in the discovery of the potential of animated cinema, and Tic et Tac manage to do honor to their elders.

But the partnerships with many studios and the appearance of so many emblematic figures of animation also make it possible to highlight the multitude of styles that this art form offers. In the manner of The Amazing World of Gumball, this film brings together animated characters in 2D, in 3D, sporting very distinct styles specific to different eras. Even plasticine characters reminiscent of claymation classics like Wallace and Gromit or Coraline are entitled to their moment of glory.

Unless you are an aficionado of this industry, some of these references may go unnoticed. Nevertheless, these are present in such a quantity that everyone will find their account and will come to recognize some works dear to their hearts. One scene in particular even deserves to be paused to appreciate every detail and discover some easter eggs that will make fans of certain licenses lose their heads. But don’t worry: with or without in-depth knowledge of pop culture and the world of animation, Tic et Tac hit the bull’s eye with their characteristic complicity and humor.

Of course, the film also serves as an homage to the original cartoon and Disney’s 90s TV productions. From start to finish, the film is packed with goodies and vintage merchandise straight out of toy stores and Disney parks. . Tic et Tac will certainly touch the nostalgic chord of older children in search of a real return to childhood. The poster warned us, it’s not a reboot, it’s a comeback. The Tic et Tac nostalgia tour is unquestionably a success: original and effective.

Tic and Tac are waiting for you on Disney+

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