season 4 spoiled because of a Monopoly

A few days before the release of Stranger Things season 4, a Monopoly game has just leaked, spoiling a good part of the plot.

Only a few days left before discovering the new adventures of Eleven and her band. Scheduled for May 27, the Netflix original series should deliver a fourth and penultimate salvo of highly anticipated episodes. Too bad for the fans, despite a precise communication that tends to keep all the mystery of the next events that will occur in Hawkins, a Monopoly game bearing the image of the series has just delivered crucial information about its plot.

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The Duffer brothers may have worked hard to avoid spoilers around the fourth season of Stranger Things, things will obviously not have been enough. In the United States, the Target chain of stores has made a huge blunder, marketing too early the Monopoly game supposed to promote the next Netflix release. This is a date error. Fans quickly swooped in on stock, and released photos of the game in droves. Unsurprisingly, the latter contains a number of spoilers.

Shared on Twitter and Reddit, the photos around Monopoly are numerous. We won’t spoil anything for you here, but if you want to avoid the slightest disclosure, avoid social media until the series comes out. For others, a thread Reddit shared the set of spoilers revealed by the board game. Each character of season 4 has a priori his own ingame card, as well as Vecna, who should embody the big bad of this new narrative arc.

Very pissed at this last minute leak, Matt and Ross Duffer were said to be “totally collapsed“, reports The Hollywood Reporter. It must be said that among the cards of Monopoly season 4, there is a lot of information on the progress of the series. It remains to be hoped that this will not taint the release of this new burst of episodes, for which Netflix has put the small dishes in the big ones.

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