the mixed reality headset is getting closer to a launch

Apple is making great strides in developing its mixed reality headset. Its development would be “advanced” and it would even have been the subject of a presentation to the board of directors.

Apple’s mixed reality headset continues to fuel rumors. Mentioned for quite some time now, it promises to be the next big “revolution” from a brand that hasn’t launched a new product since 2015, with the Apple Watch. The existence of this helmet is no longer in doubt, but if Cupertino protects itself and remains very silent about it. According to information from Bloombergthe helmet exists in flesh and bone and would have even made a appearance at a board meeting. Eight members of this assembly would have benefited from a preview presentation at the beginning of May.

The mixed reality helmet, that is to say augmented and virtual reality, would thus have crossed a new stage important. This presentation also tends to confirm that the device has reached an advanced stage of development. The meeting being private, no other information concerning the helmet has leaked. However, we can give some credit to Mark Gurman, a renowned expert in the Apple universe with reliable information.

In addition to hardware development, Apple would redouble its efforts for the development of the operating system of the helmet. Called realityOS, it had already talked about him at the beginning of the year.

A high-end helmet, but when will it be released?

True to its reputation, Apple would move towards a new premium product. His first virtual/augmented reality headset would be lighter and more comfortable than that of these competitors. The sounds of corridors evoke the presence of two 4K OLED screens which would be provided by Sony. The MR (mixed reality) device would board 15 cameras and would be autonomous ; i.e. it would work without iPhone or Mac. We also expect him to embark a chip as powerful as the Apple M1for some performances comparables to that of a branded computer. It would thus stand out from other products running on A-series chips.

Its promises will have a cost and the helmet will not be within the reach of all budgets. An introductory price of approximately 3 000 dollars is already mentioned, for a device that would not be the “Apple Glass”. Indeed, the American firm would work in parallel on connected glasses. They would be easier to wear and focused on augmented reality. Conversely, the mixed reality headset would rather turn to immersive experiences and games.

The question now is when Apple will come out this famous helmet. According to Bloomberg, it could be announced from the end of 2022. However, it probably won’t be not available before 2023.

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