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Weight loss is easier with the Yunmai Premium smart scale

What smart scales know is neither atomic physics nor a big hocus pocus. What they measure is many times it is not perfectly accurate data and should not be taken for grantedbut it is very good to keep an eye on our progress.

The Yunmai Premium is a scale that is large enough to stand on and fit on a large display, which even the older age group can read well and show not only our body weight but also our body fat percentage. Of course It also communicates with your smartphone via Bluetoothwhere we can see detailed statistics about our body. It measures twelve values, which are: weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, BMR, fitness age, visceral fat, FMI, protein, FFM. Obviously, the average user never looks for a couple of this, but the body fat percentage is a pretty important value, for example, and the training age is net nonsense.

In the Yunmai app we can track the measured data, and what’s very important about a smart scale is that we also see graphs of how our weight and other values ​​have changed. This can be very motivating during a diet, as progress is seen, and it moves the subject forward. It’s not up to you to lose weight, but you can add it, and then it’s worth using a smart scale.

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