Apple has a new idea to improve its smartphone

Apple is working on improving the resistance of its iPhone. Apple’s smartphone could soon be even more resistant to water and pressure, but it’s not for now.

At the height of its fifteen years, the iPhone remains Apple’s flagship product and the smartphone intends to improve further. While its design must evolve this yearthe AppleInsider site has spotted that the Cupertino company working on another avenue of improvement. The American giant is studying how it could improve the water resistance of your iPhone ; in particular on the operation of its sensors while protecting them from pressure variations, whether water or air. A vast project for the manufacturer who knows that his devices are regularly used in specific situations.

Le brevet granted to Apple is entitled “Electronic device with an integrated pressure sensor”, i.e. “electronic device with integrated pressure sensor”intended to prevent pressure changes from damaging the iPhone or affect the pressure of its sensors. “These devices accompany people as they leave their homes to work, showing them bus routes, traffic updates, today’s game scores, and more. »can we read in the document. “As users rely more and more on these devices, they are designed to be more robust”.

Apple wants a stronger iPhone

Apple mentions the case of plastic components that “may be replaced by metal components” or glass components that “can be thicker and made with tempered glass”. For the American firm, the iPhone must be able to be used in all types of environments, but some still cause problems. This is particularly the case when the smartphone accompanies mountaineers; skiers or trekking enthusiasts who can cross difficult areas (low or high temperatures).

iPhone resistor patent
© « Electronic device with an integrated pressure sensor » / Apple

Water can also complicate the task of the smartphone. “For this reason, devices are usually designed to have some level of water resistance, as water can cause failures in electrical components of devices”, explains Apple. The firm had to make some strong decisions, such as the removal of the 3.5 mm mini-jack socket in 2016, when the iPhone was released. The decision had caused a lot of ink to flow and the group had put forward the desire to make its device more resistant.

An iPhone without a port, but not without problems

Removing ports is indeed one of the best ways to improve the waterproofness of an electronic device. However, the dream of seeing an iPhone land without a port is not necessarily the ideal solution and Apple explains it to us. The brand explains that sealing a device “may have unintended consequences that affect the operation of some of the sensors”. Concretely, an iPhone without a port and therefore more waterproof “may cause increased operating temperature because components are encapsulated or enclosed in a sealed environment”. If water isn’t electronics’ best friend, neither is heat. The iPhone can also put itself in safety in case of overheating.

iPhone resistor patent
© « Electronic device with an integrated pressure sensor » / Apple

Another problem, the sensors can tend to be less precise when they are “sealed inside the device”. “Therefore, what is desired is an improved way to integrate various sensors into a wearable electronic device”says Apple.

The description of the patent, of about 7,000 words, focuses on the different ways to improve iPhone. The manufacturer mentions the possibility of offering a sealed cavity filled with air inside its smartphone. It would then be possible to evacuate this air using a barometric vent. A second volume of air would also be on the program. Apple also highlights the possibility of using a gas; but all these ideas can also cause damage in the event of sudden changes in pressure or altitude.

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