EcoDim filaments and rotary dimmers now in Germany!

At the beginning of January, EcoDim Filaments and the socket with rotary dimmer were presented. Now you can order them in Germany.

EcoDim filaments and socket as a cheap alternative!

The Dutch manufacturer EcoDim sells new products in Germany. EcoDim Filament also looks very chic. A highlight is the coating of the glass body. The manufacturer speaks of “Smokey” optics. In addition, you can no longer see anything from the base as soon as you screw the bulbs into a socket, while with other manufacturers you can often see a large plastic base.

If you want to make a floor lamp smart, the floor socket with the rotary dimmer from EcoDim is perfect for this. In addition to smart control via the Hue app, there is a rotary control directly on the plug. You can use this to dim the connected floor lamp. In addition, as you can already guess, the products are equipped with ZigBee.

The smart filaments are available in different shapes and there is also a golden version called Amber. The EcoDim smart bulbs start at EUR 14.95 and the switch with the dimming function is available for EUR 49.99.


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