Marvel is playing Hearthstone with its new online card game

The creator of the Blizzard card game has just announced his own game in collaboration with Marvel.

On your decks, get set, go! A new Marvel item will make its arrival and delight fans of collectible card games. Ben Brodea former big name at Blizzard known for his work on the now cult Hearthstone comes to offer a new approach to the titles of the genre.

Brode left Blizzard in 2018. to found his own studio: Second Dinner. And for four years now, this fresh studio has been working behind the scenes on a new project that has finally been unveiled. Marvel Snap is a new multiplayer card game carried by the emblematic super heroes of this universe.

Gameplay at the snap of a finger

Marvel Snap (as indicated by his name) wants to be the fastest collectible card game on the market. The gameplay of Ben Brode’s new title focuses on games of about 3 minutes where two players play simultaneously. We are then entitled to a frenetic style of play that will keep card game aficionados in suspense.

Surfing on the concept of the multiverse which is popular with its introduction in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in our cinemas and on our small screens, Marvel Snap draws characters from all dimensions. The game will offer no less than 150 cards when it is released, sporting different graphic styles inspired by the different versions of our favorite heroes.

The cards have attack and defense statistics that are reminiscent of what offers Hearthstone and other games of the genre (not surprisingly knowing that Ben Brode is in charge). Decks consist of 15 cards or lessit will therefore be necessary to choose its assets well to forge a strategy of thunder worthy of Thor.

The game does not yet have a release date, but it is already possible to register for the closed beta on Android platforms. The game is promised to be released on smartphones but will be entitled to a PC version, once it is well established on mobiles.

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