This ketchup bottle is… made of paper

The agri-food giant Kraft Heinz seeks to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. An ambitious objective that requires original initiatives. And profound upheavals for products as well known as ketchup.

Plastic is no longer fantastic! The Kraft Heinz group wants to reduce its use of this polluting material for the containers of its everyday consumer products. One of the American company’s first initiatives was to test a new bottle for the famous Heinz ketchup: no more plastic, hello to… paper!

Paper > Plastic

Heinz has indeed worked with Pulpex, a British specialist in sustainable packaging, to develop a paper bottle for ketchup, made from wood pulp from sustainable forests. Of course, the material is strong enough to withstand consumer manipulation. And it is recyclable: the perfect example of the circular economy, in short.

No need to look for this bottle of ketchup on the shelves for the moment, Heinz for the moment wants to know the reactions of consumers to this new product. Feedback that will be valuable in refining the concept and launching large-scale marketing. In any case, the operation is closely followed by the entire agri-food industry, which knows that many habits will have to be changed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For Heinz, it is also a way to position itself at the forefront of this revolution! More prosaically, the company intends to use recyclable, reusable and even compostable packaging by 2025 to limit its carbon footprint. Sustainable paper may well contribute to this.

Among other recent initiatives, we remember Burger King experimenting with a returnable packaging system. Ideas that could gradually be imposed on consumers concerned about the environment.

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