Why you should keep Find My iPhone active on your mobile and how to use it even when offline

iPhone mobiles have hundreds of tools that can help users in thousands of everyday issuesand perhaps one of the least mentioned options is Find My iPhone.

In case you don’t know him, this app that we just mentioned allows people to can track the location of your mobileaction that is of immense help when they are lost or stolen.

Many people think that if their mobile has been lost or stolen, it will be impossible to get it back, or at least know its location in order to go to the place where it is indicated. However, the reality is that this Find My iPhone tool is capable of tracking a mobile to help thus be found by its owner.

Among what stands out the most about this app is that it allows you to carry out this tracking task even if the device you are without a data or Wi-Fi connectionthat it is with airplane mode activated or even that it is turned off.

Being downloaded by default on all iPhone terminals, Find My iPhone is an application that needs to be configured first before anything elseso if you have never entered there or if you do not remember having activated the necessary functions, you can do it by following the instructions that you will see below:

Steps to activate Find My iPhone app

– Open the app Settings o Setting on your mobile and enter the first tab that has your name.
– Access the tab of Meet which shows as a radar on his left side.
– Enter the first tab that indicates Search my Iphone.
– Once here, you will need to activate the levers of Search my Iphone, Find Network and finally that of Send last locationwho will be in charge of sending Apple the last location of your iPhone when it is about to be downloaded.

Tiny Bluetooth signals connect all Apple devices even when offline

At this point, your mobile will be ready so that, from that moment on, it can be located even if it is connected to Wi-Fi or data. To delve a little into this interesting topic, the formula that Apple uses so that iPhones and iPads can be found is through its own network of the app. Meet which unites, as it were, to all Apple electronic devices using Bluetooth signals.

In fact, this is what apple says about the Find My app and how it finds your devices when they are offline or turned off:

Find My can also locate devices that don’t have an Internet connection through the app’s network of hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs around the world. Nearby devices securely transmit your device’s location to iCloud so you can locate it with the Find My app. This process is anonymous and encrypted to protect everyone’s privacy».

It is clear that the objective of this app is both to allow you to find your missing mobile, and to protect your privacy as much as possible. Now, all you have to do to be able to see the location of your device is sign in from another iPhone or from a computer to iCloud with the account that is in the lost mobile.

Overall, Find My is the most comprehensive app in its area, letting users lock their devices from there, ring them for this to help you find themamong many other tools.

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