Airbnb exceeds the number of apartments available for rent in New York

Since its creation in 2008, Airbnb has become one of the most used accommodation options worldwide. This is how this service currently offers millions of people the opportunity to create a free account on this platform, either to rent their home or apartment if they are a host, or to reserve one if they are a traveller.

So many people have shown their preference for using this service that there are places where it seems that the properties registered for rent within Airbnb exceed those found outside this platform.

One of them is New Yorkwhere it was possible to verify, according to a report recently published, that about 10 thousand to 20 thousand properties are registered for rent on Airbnb, far exceeding the 7,699 apartments not registered on this platform that are for long-term rental.

However, in 2016 a decree was approved in the city where the short-term rental ban, this being the nature that governs the dynamics in many of the available Airbnb rental options.

But what is said in this document is not entirely exclusive, since the prohibition established in the decree is accompanied by an exception which states that this type of rental can only be carried out by a period not to exceed 30 days.

Therefore, owners of properties listed on Airbnb are likely to be complying with this law. Still, given this, many people may think that Airbnb contributed to the shortage of housing or apartments for long-term rental in New York when the truth is that there are other factors that could have influenced this statistic.

In this sense, experts consider that in the last two years the supply of spaces throughout the city may have decreased as a result of the experienced rise in rental prices.

Added to this is the fact that the permits issued by the city to carry out the construction of new properties continue to show a downward double-digit indicator.

Although there is no conclusive proof that Airbnb has caused the shortage of long-term rentals in New York, the fact is that the presence of a greater number of apartments for rent within this platform is not favorable in a city with a market which has become increasingly rough to hold.

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