Now Music Unlimited is also getting more expensive in Germany (price changes in 2022)

Amazon recently raised the prices for Music Unlimited in the US and UK (Amazon raises the price of Music Unlimited for Prime customers). Now the price for Music Unlimited has been revised upwards for Germany as well, making it more expensive for many customers. Affected is the individual membership and also the package for Echo devices.

Amazon Music Unlimited more expensive from June 24th

Amazon is currently informing all Music Unlimited subscribers about a price change from June 24, 2022. The following packages are affected by the adjustment:

  • Die Single Device Membership for Amazon Music cost so far from €3.99 to €4.99 per month
  • Die Individual membership for Amazon Music Unlimited (discounted price for Amazon Prime members) previously cost €7.99 to €8.99 per month or €79 to €89 per year.

At that time, the statement from Amazon was “currently no adjustments for German subscribers“, but the word “currently” indicated that these price adjustments will also take place in this country.

All annual subscribers can still save a little, because the new bill will not be issued until the above date. If you extend your membership or sign up for a new one before this date, the old prices still apply.

All information about the price adjustment of Amazon Music Unlimited can be found here Amazon site. Will your Music Unlimited subscription also become more expensive? Do you still find the price reasonable or are you considering switching? Write it to us below in the comments.

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