Qualcomm introduces the new Smart Viewer Augmented Reality glasses

Today’s Qualcomm event wasn’t just about its new smartphone processors. The American company also unveiled a new version of its Augmented Reality glasses, the Smart Viewer.

The second generation of this Qualcomm product is designed to be lighter, sleeker and more comfortable. The main differentiating point compared to the original model is its use completely free of wires.

Qualcomm Smart Viewer

Qualcomm idealizes Augmented Reality glasses with the launch of Smart Viewer

It is important to emphasize right away that this product is merely a design concept. In other words, it was designed to offer technology manufacturers a model to follow if they want to enter this market niche.

The second generation of Smart Viewers may never translate into a salable product or arrive in stores with some technical differences. However, the American company claims to be working with four technology companies to bring this concept to market.

Qualcomm’s new Smart Viewers arrive equipped with the new Snapdragon XR2 processor. This promises to considerably increase the computational power of these glasses, with a latency of only 3 milliseconds when accompanied by the chip FastConnect 6900.

Qualcomm Smart Viewer

This product is designed to be connected to a smartphone or computer wirelessly associated with the process. It means that you will bet on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 and 6E connectivity to achieve a stable and reliable connection.

The least positive part of this approach will be the autonomy of the glasses, potentially with a greatly reduced longevity. One of those responsible for the project claims that more demanding tasks can drain power from a 650 mAh cell in just 30 minutes.

Smart Viewers have OLED lenses and Full-HD resolution

The content streamed from your smartphone or computer to these Augmented Reality glasses will be displayed on two OLED lenses. These have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

By making Smart Viewers more stylish, Qualcomm has sacrificed the viewing angle of its glasses. These have a field of view of just 40 degrees diagonally.

We’re talking about a smaller field of view than many of its competitors, but with the benefit of being lighter and more elegant. Its frame is only 15.6 mm, allowing for a more discreet use.

It remains for us now to wait for the eventual launch of an Augmented Reality glasses by the hands of some technological manufacturer. A product that may be slightly different from the concept presented today by Qualcomm.

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