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The Mensela flex is also very well priced with two batteries

Flex, also known as angle grinder, is one of the most universally used DIY machines. We can mount all kinds of discs on the tool, so we can cut wood, metal, plasterboard, tiles and the like with it, but it is even possible to sand or polish it.

The Mensela AG-LS1 is a flex that is basically a small 76 mm diameter disc that can hold up to can be used with one hand. Obviously, it’s not a power machine, but it doesn’t have to be, as it’s more recommended for smaller jobs. It has a 12 V batteryand its engine can turn 19,500 per second, but more importantly, that carbonless, so it lasts longer and has more poweras a brushed version. You can start with the slider on the side, and it doesn’t spin up to maximum speed right away, but it starts gradually so as not to jerk your hand a lot, but turning it off is just the opposite, it stops quickly.

Available in two pack sizes, there is one cordless and two axis versions. they also show their charge with LEDs on the side of the machine, so it won’t run out completely unexpectedly, but it’s better to order two batteries right away. They’re still in the set two pieces on cutting boardgot well, which is just a little extra kindness from the manufacturer, but probably not overwhelmingly good quality supplies.

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