News from Microsoft for the development of applications under Arm64 architecture

Among the novelties presented by Microsoft at its annual conference for developers, the company’s advances in the creation of a native version of its software development platform for the Arm architecture, in addition to the creation of a computing platform for developers with a Snapdragon processor.

For context, Microsoft announced a year ago that it had reached an agreement with Qualcomm to create tools thatthat allow developers to create native Arm applications for Windowsand whose progress we are seeing this year.

In this way, the company has unveiled a native Visual Studio 2022 preview for Arm architectureannouncing that it will be available in the coming weeks, serving as a prelude for a full version to be available later this year along with compatibility with the Arm64 version of its .NET platform

Until now, Arm devices such as the Surface have been able to run versions of Visual Studio through emulation, although they have not been able to offer the best possible performance, nor have they been able to make use of all its features.

And on the other hand, Microsoft has also unveiled a computing platform called Project Volterra, the look of which may be reminiscent of Apple’s Mac Minis, basically being mini computers equipped with a Snapdragon processor and Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for developers to use to create web applications. Artificial intelligence cloud oriented.

According to Microsoft:

As we look forward to what’s next and how we can further innovate in this space, we’re excited to announce Project Volterra, a new device powered by the Snapdragon computing platform. With Project Volterra* you can explore many AI scenarios through the new Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for Windows Toolkit announced today by Qualcomm Technologies.

These mini computers have the ability to be stackable both in desktop spaces and within data centers as serversand of which the company has not yet revealed all the details of them, although we can know that on its back it incorporates three USB connectors along with DisplayPort and Ethernet ports.

In addition, they have two USB-C ports on one side, and the equipment uses a chassis made of recycled plastic obtained from the oceans.

To the company:

With native Arm64 Visual Studio, .NET support, and Project Volterra later this year, we’re releasing new tools to help you take the first step on this journey.

More Info/Image Credit: Microsoft

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