Twitter revamps its comprehensive resource platform for professional creators

After four years of existence, since its launch in 2018, Twitter has considered that its comprehensive resource platform for professional content creators be updated and also consider other industries that also want to make the most of the platform’s potential.

In this regard, Twitter Media is now called Twitter Create, offering a renewed appearance, and as we say, with the expansion of its resources to accommodate other industries that also want to be present.

Therefore, to the industries that they already take into account, in this stage that is now beginning opens to also include writers, podcasters, gamers, and nonprofits.

With this change, Other features currently present on the platform beyond tweets are also considered, as is the case of audio rooms through Twitter Spaces.

The stated goal of Twitter es:

we want to empower you to shape culture as a professional content creator, whether you’re a social media manager, journalist, thought leader, or creator.

But also content organized by specific objectives will be offeredfacilitating access to resources according to the purposes of the creators, considering all the features currently offered from Twitter.


Twitter has become so much more than Tweets, so we’ve also expanded and improved the product area of ​​the site, introducing educational hubs (hello, Twitter Spaces) and how-to guides to help you get the most out of all the features and products available to you. you.

The blue bird platform hopes that the improvements and novelties will be to the liking of the most veteran, and both for them and for the most novice, it will be useful enough to bring their ideas to life in Twitter.

More information: Twitter Create

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