a very expensive performance monster

After days of waiting for its debutthe Mercedes-AMG One 2023 was officially presented and keeps all the promises made by the German manufacturer: inside is a real F1 engine with a combined power of 1,049 horsepower … and it is road legal!

It goes without saying that since its announcement in 2017 this hybrid car was among the most anticipated by fans and more, especially for its beating heart: the 1.6-liter V6 internal combustion engine capable of running at 11,000 rpmcapable of producing 566 hp alone and meeting Euro 6 emissions standards, accompanied by four electric motors to carry the total power to 1,049 hp. In detail, at the front we find a wheel motor for a total of 322 horsepower; with the petrol engine there is the third 161-horsepower engine; finally, the fourth engine linked to the turbocharger adds another 121 horsepower. Incidentally, that engine can recover power from the turbo to send it elsewhere.

Le Li-ion batteries have a limited capacity of 8.4 kWh, but the goal is to keep them cool and performing as well as light: thanks to a complex liquid cooling system for each battery, the temperature remains at around 45 degrees Celsius. The weight of the car, therefore, stops at 1,695 kilograms.

The monocoque chassis of the One with push-rod suspension is designed for maximum performance: aluminum abounds under the body, the secondary driving modes can adjust the suspension for Comfort, Sport or Sport +, while the body is an aerodynamic prodigy thanks to a multitude of active components including ventilation slots and the rear wing. By activating the Race Plus and Strat2 programs in Track mode, Mercedes claims that the downforce is five times higher than in normal highway mode. Therefore, there is the third low resistance DRS Race mode to reach the maximum speed.

Inside the AMG One are deeply sculpted seats that provide direct orientation for the legs, while the F1-style rectangular steering wheel it is accompanied on the dashboard by two 10-inch digital screens. The doors contain power windows and the rearview mirror is replaced by a camera. Externally, therefore, the AMG One wears special rims wrapped by Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 M01 tires, developed specifically for the hypercar and with six-piston calipers that grip the 15.6-inch carbon-ceramic disc brakes in the side. front (15 inches are in the back).

But the price? All we know to date is that Mercedes plans to sell 275 units already confirmed at around 2 million dollars, and each being has already been booked. In other words, it will be extremely difficult to see one in public. However, the AMG One will make its official debut towards the end of June at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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