At this rate this year we did not reach a million cars sold either. And there are already a few

The recently closed month of May has been one of lime and another of sand for the car market in Spain. Despite being the month with the best record so far in 2022, with 84,977 units sold, compared to last year caen un 10.9%.

The accumulated figure for the year is 318,487 cars registeredwith a decline of 11.5% compared to 2021, it wasn’t exactly a good year. With these numbers in hand the estimate of not exceed one million units for the third consecutive year: the sector estimates that they will be around between 800,000 and 900,000 units.

The microchip crisis is still very present, with production down and unable to meet the demand, despite the fact that it is far from extensive. And although this month the private channel has managed to get out of negative numbers, there is a trick.

Comeback for the private channel, but…

Car dealer client and seller

The good news for May, beyond signing the best figure of this complicated 2022, is that sales to private and in the business channel they have managed to come back.

Los cars sold to individuals grew by a slight 4.3% compared to last year, with 34,666 units registered compared to 33,233 in 2021. In this 2022 sales in this channel are estimated at 141,581 unitsbeing above those accumulated at this point in the previous year.

For its part, also the channel of companies This month of May exceeds that of last year, although with an even more timid rise: 3.3%. have been marketed 32,076 cars compared to 31,066 in May 2021.

Of course, at the moment they do not improve the accumulated, being 1.4% behind, with a total of 134,472: about 2,000 less than those registered after these months in 2021.

BMW coach grave

Meanwhile, the renters continue to star in the bitter face of car sales: in May down 41.4% con 18,235 units compared to 31,100 in 2021. And in these first five months they sign 42,434 models, which is 50% less compared to 2021 (84,916 units).

The sector points out that the comeback in May in the channel for individuals and companies is essentially due to the fact that many deliveries of orders from previous months. However, there has been a slight rise in orders this past month.

Therefore, they are cautious: “We will have to wait for the evolution in the coming months to determine if it is a one-off situation or a first sign of recovery in demand“, says Aránzazu Mur, director of the economy and logistics area of ​​Anfac, the manufacturers’ association.

Be that as it may, the sector agrees that there is still a long way to go for the market to stabilize, which is still 30% below pre-pandemic figures.

Alternative cars go back a bit and the SEAT Arona reigns again

SEAT Arona 2022

Regarding the market mix, it follows the trend of previous months with los alternative mechanics cars near gasoline. Although in May the electrified and gas models have fallen back a bit, increasing the gasoline: their share has been 38,3 % and of 45,1 % respectively, compared to 43.6% and 38.8% last month.

Diesels continue to plummetassuming a 16,6 % of the mix, which means falling another point compared to April. Thus, in the accumulated figure for this year, 42.7% is for gasoline, 39.8% for alternatives and 17.5% for diesel.

May’s best-selling car has been the SEAT Aronawith no less than 4,113 units sold and that have helped him rise to first place in the 2022 general standings.

SEAT’s urban SUV wants to claim the throne he got in 2021 and that these months have been taken away from him momentarily Toyota Corollathe Hyundai Tucson and the Volkswagen T-Roc.

Hyundai Tucson 2021

The May podium is completed precisely by the Hyundai Tucson (2.891) and the Peugeot 2008 (2.582), while the Corolla could only be fourth (2,418). And in the accumulated they accompany the SEAT Arona (9,812) the Hyundai Tucson (9,101) and the Toyota Corolla (8,580).

SEAT was the most commercialized brand of the month, with 8,118 cars registered, thanks to the push of the Arona that has represented half of the sales. It is followed by Toyota (8,051) and Hyundai (7,207).

Despite SEAT’s rise, in these first five months the firm with the most sales continues to be Toyota (28,885), followed by the Spanish brand itself (25,265) and Kia (24,730).

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