Disney+ unveils a larger than life Pinocchio for its new film

It is alongside Tom Hanks as Gepetto that the real little boy will go on an adventure on Disney + very soon.

Gepetto wanted to make his wooden puppet a real little boy and Disney+ grants his wish like the Blue Fairy. The Burbank firm has just released the first trailer for their new movie live-action to their streaming platform, and it looks like magic.

Produced by the teams who worked on the new versions of The beauty and the Beast and you Roi Lion, this new production intends to update one of Disney’s timeless classics. The trailer makes the strange choice to show few images of the famous puppet and to focus on action and other characters from the film. The only shot where you can see Pinocchio in all its glory serves as a thumbnail for the YouTube version of the trailer.

Between realism, fidelity and originality

Tom Hanks gives life to a more than credible Gepetto, and we find at his side the adorable Figaro and Cléo. We discover these heads that we know well that come to life in real shots. The graphic style of the film seems to want play the balance between realistic and cartoonish stylepresumably to set itself apart from previous live-action productions, often criticized for lacking character.

On the few excerpts that Disney offers us in this short trailer, this new recipe seems to work rather well. Jiminy Cricket then sports a rather nice appearance without being a simple 3D model of a realistic cricket. We also find Gédéon and Grand Coquin who sport realistic faces and fur reminiscent of real cats and foxes, while keeping the anthropomorphic aspect of the original characters.

It remains to be seen if Pinocchio will keep his classic appearance, or if his transition from puppet to real little boy will change the graphic style of the young protagonist. In any case, Cynthia Erivo appears radiant and lovely as the Blue Fairy, her crystal-clear voice managing to do the sweet song perfect justice.”When we pray to the lucky starfrom the original movie. Jiminy and Pinocchio give you an appointment next September 8 as the headliner for Disney+ Day 2022.

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