Help Flash Smart, this is how the emergency light beacons approved in Spain are

The red triangles that are put behind the damaged cars in the middle of the road are already a thing of the past. Now it is possible to use emergency light beacons, and several approved ones are beginning to appear, like the one I have tried these days.

In the video below you have the details of the Help Flash Smart, emergency lights that have just been launched with a 50% discount on aliexpress.

Manufactured in Zaragoza (Spain), they are the new signaling system that will replace the triangles, avoiding the need to get out of the car to signal, thus achieving fewer accidents. The DGT makes its use mandatory to reduce the risk of accidents, since this emergency light is safer than triangles since it is visible at a greater distance (up to 1 km away, in fact).

As you can see in the video, it can connect via Bluetooth with the Incidence App, so that when we activate it we can make a call to insurance or emergencies with just one click.

It has three modes, one to activate the flashing light manually, another to be activated when we put it on a metal surface (such as the roof of the car) and another to use it as a flashlight (5 hours of autonomy) , with white light. The autonomy in emergency mode is 2.5 hours, and it works with a 9V battery, so if you carry some in the glove compartment to avoid problems, the better.

Help Flash Smart is Homologated with the current Road Safety Regulations for V16 with number IDIADA PC 19010265, and is now available at with a 50% discount (17 euros per unit).

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