open world and co-op are on the agenda

The ninth generation of Pokémon arrives this year with a novelty package that will delight all lovers of pocket monsters.

It took nine generations for the Pokémon recipe to finally reinvent itself, but the wait seems worth the detour. Multiplayer exploration, open world and no more linearitythat’s it: the wishes of pokéfans are granted.

The new trailer freshly released by The Pokémon Company reveals the future of the series, and it’s time to dissect all this information to find out what awaits us very soon. Indeed, longer to wait since the revival of the saga Pokémon coming to Nintendo Switch on November 18.

New formula for the classic

Forget the classic Pokémon adventures where you follow a set path to become a master. With Pokemon Scarlet et Violet you will be able to forge your own destiny in an adventure where you will be free to explore this new region whose name has not yet been revealed. The game’s official website confirms this novelty in black and white by stating:

These new games shake up the Pokémon saga by allowing players to freely explore an incredibly rich open world. You’ll experience a new style of adventure in a world that you can explore freely, at your own pace and in any order, independent of the main storyline.

The construction of the game will be completely transformed since free exploration involves a total overhaul of the system of routes and areas with fixed levels. It’s highly likely that a special system will be implemented that advances the levels of Pokemon in the region along with ours, but we’ll have to wait until November to find out.

Another surprising new feature of this redesign of exploration: the possibility of surveying the region for up to 4 players. The official description of this new feature is as follows:

You will not only be able to enjoy the series’ signature activities, such as trading and battling Pokémon, but also explore the various locations in the region with other players. Discover new Pokémon and explore unknown lands with your loved ones for an adventure that is richer and more fun than ever!

Versions with distinct specificities

These new opuses in the Pokémon saga will offer a much more varied experience than usual right down to the differences offered by the version of your choice. No question of only changing a few Pokémon here and there in addition to the legendaries, this time your choice will also impact the scenario of your future adventure.

First striking difference, each version will have its own Pokémon teacher. The players ofScarlet will meet the impressive Olim as the players of Violet will meet the charming Turum. The outfits of the two professors give some clues as to the possible narrative framework of these new opuses but we will come back to it just after.

The trailer as well as in-game footage also hints at particular changes based on your version of the game. The environment will then be different depending on your version as shown in this image of coats of arms in what appears to be a city in the game. We can then imagine that the humans at the head of these regions are part of a different group depending on the version of the game, completely changing the approach we will have to the story of this new area.

© Pokémon

Another minor change but still notable, the outfit of your trainer will also be different and will take the color of the version you have chosen. This detail is probably not so trivial and does not only have an aesthetic effect. The outfit is obviously not customizableleaving the only customization in the game to your facial features and the accessories you wear, which means that the uniform is most certainly important.

© Pokémon

Catch them all

Obviously who says new Pokémon games says new creatures to capture and train. This new trailer will have allowed us to meet three new critters, each as adorable as the other. A plump mouse named Pohm, Gourmelet the cute little pig and Olivini the Pokémon Olive are the first additions to the Pokédex of this game (after the starters we had already met three months ago).

© Pokémon

Our attention, however, is on the legendaries of these new versions, just as majestic as the breath of fresh air that suddenly hits the license. Koraidon et Miraidon will therefore be the masters of these new opuses. Besides being rather impressive, their names and appearance hide huge clues as to the history of these new games.

© Pokémon

It is easy to distinguish that Koraidon looks more organic where Miraidon appears like a sort of robot with a futuristic look. And these stark differences are there for a reason. In Japanese early signifies ancient or immemorial times while mirai designates the future. A contrast between tradition and modernity seems to settle into the folklore of this new Pokémon region. These trends are also found in Pokémon Professor outfits as mentioned earlier in this article. It’s a safe bet that the narrative will focus on these notions and how the inhabitants of the region relate to them.

A strange post-generic scene in this trailer also brings its share of questions: is it related to these new games or is it teasing a completely different project as its style seems different? So many mysteries and novelties give only one desire: to travel next November to discover these games that are sure to change the Pokémon license forever.

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