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The second largest Topshak tool set is now on sale

A set of tools is needed in every household. Even if we’re not DIY fanatics, we are there may be a situation where something needs to be tightened properly, or just loosen it, which is not an easy task without pliers, or if you want to put a picture on it, you have to hit at least one or two nails, which is the easiest with a hammer, but if they have to stand horizontally, there is a spirit level. must. It’s best to buy these at once so you don’t have to run to the store one by one, plus there are so many benefits such kits ensure that everything is in one place in a handy container.

All of this can be found in Topshak CH1, but the list isn’t over here. But let’s see what we find in the suitcase: it’s in it insulating tape, 20 bit heads, 3 wrenches, phase pencil, sniccer, one interchangeable head screwdriver, 4 precision screwdrivers, spirit level, hand saw, 10 blades, 2 spring clips, flashlight, pliers, flat wrench, 16 wrenches, hammer, water pump pliers, measuring tape, wrench and a pack of 150 fasteners. Of course, the marketing colleagues here were pretty cunning, as the last 150 pieces are also included in the 218 with which the inventory is advertised. If we can turn a blind eye to this little bitterness, so for the money we can get a great stock in one place in a small container. Or decide for yourself how small it is, as the size of the bag is only 35x26x9 centimeters.

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