This 100 GB package at 7.99 euros (and not just the 1st year), will suit 99% of French people πŸ”₯

It was to end on May 31, it was extended for another week. This 100 GB mobile plan at 7.99 euros is therefore still available until Tuesday, June 7 for our greatest happiness!

While he was supposed to be available until Tuesday, May 31, the 100 GB package is 7.99 euros per month (instead of 12.99 euros) and not that the first year plays the extensions. If you plan to reduce your bill on this expense item, then it’s now or never! Indeed, this mobile plan for less than 10 euros, in addition to offering a very comfortable 4G internet envelope, allows you to benefit from this mini rate without any duration condition.

Concretely, this means that as long as you do not cancel it, its price will not increase and that the promotion is valid for life! It is the virtual operator Cdiscount Mobile, whose network is based on that of Bouygues Telecom, which offers this crazy offer. Thanks to a reduction of 5 euros, the 100 GB package therefore goes to only 7.99 euros. There simply isn’t a better deal on the market right now.

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With a reduction of nearly 40%, this has been one of Cdiscount Mobile’s highlights since the start of the year. Even the latest promotions during the French Days of Spring or during Black Friday were not as interesting as today’s since the reduction only applied for the first 12 months, then returning to its initial price.

It is therefore the kind of offer that we tend to see once or twice a year and that it would be a shame to miss, especially when we know that it is not known or guaranteed that ‘we can see her back one day. This extension of the Cdiscount Mobile 100 GB plan to 7.99 euros is therefore timely for people who have not been able to take advantage of it so far.

100 GB, without obligation, at only €7.99 and valid for life!

For this contained rate, Cdiscount Mobile unquestionably offers the best mobile plan before the summer. As we told you previously, Cdiscount Mobile generally limits its promotion to the first 12 months. Which means that you have to turn to another equivalent or better offer to continue paying cheaply.

However, there is no guarantee that there will be one when the time comes. With this Cdiscount Mobile offer, you don’t have to worry about that since, as mentioned earlier, the package price will be the same next year and the years that follow. Real comfort. In addition to being unconditional, this package is also non-binding. You can therefore cancel whenever you want, at no additional cost.

To put it simply, Cdiscount Mobile gives you the chance to reduce your mobile bills, by offering a cheap plan, which leaves you free to change without inconvenience with a price that does not increase, even after the first year. The dream for many of us, which finally becomes reality. No other equivalent offer exists on the market.

Regarding the services included in the package, in addition to the 100 GB of internet in 4G to be used in Metropolitan France, there is also a dedicated envelope of 12 GB to be used from Europe and the overseas departments. What sets this Cdiscount Mobile plan apart from its competitors is that it also accompanies you abroad.

Concretely, this means that you benefit from calls/SMS/MMS as in mainland France (in addition to the dedicated web envelope of 12 GB). You have 38 destinations included including 30 destinations in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 overseas destinations. The triple-cut SIM card compatible with all mobiles on the market is 10 euros.

And in case 100 GB is too much or not enough…

Cdiscount Mobile does not stop there and offers alongside this 100 GB package two other formulas to satisfy as many people as possible. In case you do not need such an internet envelope, you can choose the 10 GB package at 4.99 euros. If, on the contrary, 100 GB is not enough for your needs, then you will prefer the 150 GB package at 10.99 euros.

Whatever the formula, all have a dedicated envelope in the EU and in the overseas departments which differs according to the package. For the rest, the services are strictly identical to those of the 100 GB plan. In detail, here are the three Cdiscount Mobile plans at the moment:

  • 10GB package (+10GB EU and DOM) at €4.99 instead of €9.99 (i.e. a saving of €5)
  • 100GB package (+12GB EU and DOM) at €7.99 instead of €12.99 (i.e. a saving of €5)
  • 150GB package (+15GB EU and DOM) at €10.99 instead of €22.99 (i.e. a saving of €12)

Also, if you decide to change operator to take advantage of this Cdiscount deal, know that you can easily keep your current number. To do this, simply provide your RIO number when you subscribe. Remember that to obtain it, you must dial 3179 from your mobile phone. Simple as hello!

In short, now is clearly the best time to switch plans. Indeed, with this 100 GB shock offer at only 7.99 eurosyou simply have the best package of the moment at less than 10 euros – which also includes a multitude of services both valid in France and abroad and what’s more, with a price that does not increase after the first year, all without obligation.

To discover the 100 GB package at 7.99 euros at Cdiscount Mobile, it’s here:

See Cdiscount Mobile packages

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