a more rational electric saloon that could overshadow the EQS

Mercedes-Benz has a clear goal with hybridization: to take its long-standing philosophy towards a zero-emissions approach. The brand’s second electric sedan is called Mercedes-Benz EQEand it is a wise step that broadens the scope of his proposal.

It is early to start with the comparisons, but after this first contact on the Portuguese roads we can say that this EQE is a Mercedes-Benz EQS to scale: he keeps the positive points of his older brother and improves him apart from such a large size.

Mercedes-Benz EQE: beyond inspiration

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It seems that in Stuttgart they have it quite clear, and the EQ family of electric vehicles He was born with a very clear identity of his own. Yes, the electric cars that we know so far from Mercedes-Benz are perfectly recognizable, but their electric personality is clear from the first moment.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE picks up the witness left by the EQS and offers us a well defined visual impact. Both because of its identifying features and its silhouette, it seems to be saying “I’m electric” from the first glance, something very conditioned by aerodynamic efficiency.

The torn headlights or the air intakes remind us a lot of the rest of the star range, but other elements such as the blind front grille, the flush handles or the wheel designs (from 19 to 21 inches) give it away. Their drag coefficient is 0.22.

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Beyond the details, of the Mercedes-Benz EQE we must highlight a silhouette that is even more subtle than in the EQS for two reasons: to preserve its own aerodynamics and, in addition, maintain as high a level of inner spaciousness as possible.

If we look at the profile view of the EQE we see that the rounded front end is similar, as is the extremely long A-pillar, but the curvature of the roof extends steadily practically to the end of the car, making a small inflection already on the trunk lid. The third volume is quite diluted.

Because, yes, that’s another difference. In front of the large fifth door of the EQS, the EQE chooses a tailgate for opening the trunk. There is also difference in capacity, which stays in 430 liters for the EQE (110 liters less than in the E-Class), but above all accessibility is lost although its interior is very usable.

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If we take the subway out for a walk, we find an assortment of differences. Thus we have dimensions of 4,946 mm long by 1,961 wide and 1,512 high. This gives it a somewhat more muscular appearance than the EQS because it is 270mm shorter but 45mm wider.

If we compare it with the Class E (although really its dimensions are more comparable with a CLS) we have a hatchback that is 23mm longer, 109mm wider and 31mm taller, with a 181mm wider wheelbase that is only 9mm shorter than the EQS: 3,120mm.

These levels are determined by the EVA2 platform shared with the EQS, and which serves to house the battery pack under the car floor, maximizing interior space.

Inside, almost like an EQS

Mercedes Benz Eqe 2022 Test Contact 021

And inside that we got precisely. I was already looking forward to seeing how this electric car felt in person and the truth is that It has sorprised me for good.

The interior space is very good, with great habitability. The front seats are cozy with plenty of headroom and a long dashboard, and plenty of room for the shoulders. Instead, these dimensions collide with the current trend of making tall dashboards and huge center consoles, which give a certain feeling of being boxed in.

The EQE also stands out for following the minimalist interior recipe introduced by the S-Class, with a basic configuration of a 12.3-inch digital dashboard plus a large 17-inch center screen for the infotainment system, climate control and others. Optionally you can mount the MBUX Hyperscreen, but at the moment only in the AMG version due to the lack of microchips.

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The Hyperscreen is optional, and at the moment only for the AMG versions.

Having tried the Hyperscreen, the EQS configuration without this option seems to me to be more accurate, giving a different touch to the dashboard using wood trim or other finishes. It is more elegant. In fact, the perception of quality has seemed very close to the level of the EQS, and that is saying something. It also does not mount the 3D display options that have seemed unnecessary to me when I have been able to try them.

In fact, there are many elements in common with the EQS and the S-Class, such as the screens themselves, the air vents, the ambient lighting, the glove compartments in the center console, the choice of steering wheels or some elements of the doors that, if they are not the same, are similar. much. The piano black elements strike again in critical areas such as the center console.

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Lots and lots of room for the rear seats.

In the rear seats we find the main argument of the Mercedes-Benz EQE, because 2nd row roominess is superb. Across we have a lot of space and the absence of a central tunnel reinforces this feeling, along with the longitudinal space for the legs. Here it seems that Mercedes-Benz has prioritized interior roominess over trunk space, which explains a relatively low cargo capacity.

It could only improve in terms of headroom in the rear seats for two reasons: the floor has to leave room for the batteries and the rear bench seat is somewhat high. In my case, at 170 cm, I have plenty of room, but with 10 cm more height, things would change.

Again, less is more

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That Mercedes-Benz have started electrifying their range of sedans from the top is normal. The flagship will always be the reference, and thus the EQS has become the first iteration of the star’s philosophy in electric luxury sedans.

We were able to thoroughly test it not too long ago and it left a very, very good taste in our mouths, so the hype to see what Mercedes-Benz had prepared with the EQE was quite high. Inside and out it has become clear to us that it is very similar, but and on the move?

Well on the move too. We have tried the variant EQE 350+ and in general lines we have found it to be a refined, pleasant and very comfortable car. Something in which the house’s Airmatic suspension has a lot to do, but also in regard to the feel of the steering, the response of the pedals and the progressiveness of the suspensions.

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It stands out for its very high rolling quality and a excellent insulation. Perhaps too much isolation in the case of the address, which is too filtered for us, although the spin of the column seems quite heavy. Riding with our eyes closed and traveling on the highway, it would be difficult to differentiate between the EQE and its older brother, but there are differences in terms of sensations.

Both in the city and on winding roads the EQE feels snappier behind the wheel. The wingspan is smaller, the weight is more contained although it is not exactly low (2,355 kg against the 2,480 kg of the lightest EQS and the 1,730 kg of a Class E 300) and it maintains a center of gravity very close to the ground.

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In addition, this agility bonus is reinforced with the ability to equip (by subscription) the steering rear axle with the ability to turn 4.5º or 10º, a very effective solution as we saw in the EQS and that for less than 2,000 euros can be useful for some customers. It can reduce the turning radius from 12.7 to 10.7 meters, and when maneuvering or attacking tight angles it shows.

As for the engine, at the moment the EQE 350+ is the access step that accompanies the first of the AMG 43 4MATIC variants; less powerful mechanics will come later (EQE 300 and EQE 350), intermediate (EQE 500) and a second AMG 53 4MATIC even more performance.

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The version that we have tested offers a configuration of a single electric motor placed on the rear axle (propulsion) with a power of 215 kW (292 CV) y 656 Nm de par engine.

it seemed to us an ideal engine for this car because its setup is optimal for most traffic conditions and more than enough power when we need an extra kick. The response is generally smooth, manageable and progressive, but in Sport mode and demanding the right pedal it becomes forceful.

This mechanics is combined with a single battery option, lithium ion (nickel, cobalt and manganese), 90.56 kWh utiles with which it achieves the greatest autonomy of the entire range announcing 660 km bajo ciclo WLTP and just under 600 under the stricter EPA.

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It is early to talk about consumption without having done a complete test, but it has seemed to us that a figure around 20 kWh/100 km on average they are viable if we do not go overboard with the right foot. Recharging times can be short by taking advantage of the up to 170 kW of power from the on-board charger that offers up to 250 km for every 15 minutes.

And as for price? Well, this Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ starts from the 76.000 euros fair, almost half that of an EQS and not much more than an equivalent E-Class, so as hypothetical potential buyers it seems to us a much more reasonable option than its older brother. In the real world, few need more than what an EQE offers.

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