Facebook Messenger makes it easy to make calls with its new dedicated tab

Meta Platforms tries to facilitate connections with family and friends through audio and video calls on Facebook Messenger, for which it has now chosen to introduce the new “Calls” tab in the mobile application, starting globally on iOS to reach users with Android devices in the coming weeks.

The company directed by Mark Zuckerberg will try in this way to simplify access to calling functionabove all, to people who are not used to the use of this application, facilitating the contact list access to simply choose the contact with which to make a new call.

Boosting calls on Messenger

This movement will serve as a push for calls on the platform, which according to Metahave grown at a rapid rate with more than 40% of daily calls compared to those at the beginning of 2020, currently generating more than 300 million audio and video calls every day.

It is the last of the best to date, within the efforts that the company has been carrying out in recent months in it, Messenger being the most popular messaging platform in the United States, ahead of the popular WhatsApp.

Therefore, it is not for less that Meta wants to make it easier for users to use functions of communication Messenger keys with the aim that they can deepen their relationships with their loved ones, especially with those who cannot be physically close to them.

This novelty has been carried out by Meta Technologies, the Meta group in charge of carrying out improvements in the experiences of audio and video calls in the company’s products, and that today begins to see the light, reaching little to little to all users.

What is certain is that the arrival of this eyelash will make the app more familiar to users who are already more familiar with WhatsApp. The new tab will share space with the usual tabs of the application: Chats, Stories and People.

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