Google Assistant: location-based reminders are passé!

Google Assistant is losing a Reminders feature. The first users have already been informed that location-based reminders will no longer be available.

Google Assistant function is slowly disappearing!

If you wanted to use location-based reminders, you had to allow Google to track your locations. Then you were able to create a location-based reminder.

Google’s US support page appears to have deleted this information on how to set up Google Assistant’s location-based reminders. Although the instructions for this can be found on the German site, it will not be long before these are also removed.

Of course, I can only speculate as to why Google is removing this feature. It could have something to do with data protection. Or the function was simply not used often enough, but generated more bugs.

Did you know this Google Assistant feature? And have you ever created location-based reminders? Write it below in the comments.


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