Google TV already has an application for iOS

iOS users can now have a Google TV app that will allow them to add recommendations, manage their subscriptions to streaming services, create watch lists, among other options.

So from now on, they will be able to count on the same experience that Google TV provides for Android users. We’ll tell you what’s new in the iOS version.

This is the Google TV app for iOS

The Google team has launched an app for Google TV for iOS, which you can now download and install from App Store. If you still have the Google Play Movies & TV app installed on your mobile, then you will have to update it to move to the new application.

Once you open the app you will find a series of functions. For example, you can create a list of favorite content or a watch list to add those programs or movies that you would like to see later.

Browse movies and TV episodes from all your streaming apps, all in one place and organized by themes and genres. Discover new things with recommendations based on what you like and trends in the services you already have access to. Search titles to see which apps are streaming them

And of course, to streamline this whole process, you can centralize all streaming services in the app. The more options you add, the more recommendations the app will give you.

Of course, this dynamic will depend on the compatibility of each streaming service. Not all will be able to integrate with Google TV and some will only allow access to limited content. But don’t worry, most of the popular streaming services are compatible with Google TV.

And as a bonus, you can use the app as a remote control if you have a device with Android TV or Google TV.

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