RED by SFR knocks out the competition with its new SHOCK offer before summer 🔥

The RED by SFR 80 GB package is less than 10 euros. With such an offer, it’s the right time to save a lot before summer.

This is the package of the moment not to be missed for people who would like to reduce the cost of their mobile bill. RED by SFR draws an unmissable offer that is hard to refuse. For a few more days, the RED by SFR 80 GB mobile plan is 9 euros per month. Without commitment and without condition of duration, this is a case that we do not see every day, which risks to agree all its rivals.

Indeed, with such a comfortable internet envelope, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, excellent network quality and wide coverage of the population, this mobile plan has everything to attract the general public.

I take advantage of the offer

Especially since its price is currently at its lowest. If you plan to save money on this expense item before summer, then it’s now or never. After, it will be too late !

RED by SFR: a GOLD mobile plan before summer

In concrete terms, this mobile plan offered by RED by SFR is simply unbeatable in terms of price-service ratio. The latter offers an internet envelope of 80 GB, more than enough for the majority of users. Thus, thanks to the latter, it is possible to make the most of all your content. Whether it’s watching your favorite movies and series on Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+, or downloading large files, it will be perfect, whatever you decide to do.

The services it includes allow you to take advantage of an internet envelope of 80 GB, as well as 12 GB to be used from the European Union and the overseas departments. Classic unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are available both in France and abroad – to all mobiles and landlines in mainland France and overseas departments (excluding Mayotte). If this package does not meet your expectations, be aware that the operator also offers two other equally interesting offers. Here is a detailed overview of all the other formulas offered by RED by SFR:

  • 5 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 5 GB of Internet and 6 GB from the EU and the overseas departments
  • 14 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 160 GB of Internet and 16 GB from the EU and the overseas departments

Regarding the quality of these packages, there is clearly nothing to complain about. Also, RED by SFR offers additional options that allow you to customize your package as you see fit. To put it simply, the operator offers two very practical options, each billed at 5 euros / month.

The first, which allows you to increase the amount of data available abroad to 20 GB – as well as to add Canada and the USA in addition to the countries of the European Union and the basic overseas departments available.

The second allows you to switch from a 4G data plan to a 5G plan. Still for 5 euros more per month, you can therefore take advantage of the speed of SFR’s 5G network. Rather interesting therefore because you have the possibility of activating or deactivating them according to your use. For example, you had a 4G-compatible smartphone when you registered and have since replaced it with a 5G phone.

You can activate the option to enjoy the high speed network with your new phone. All this directly from the free RED & Me app which allows you to manage your offer with ease. And in case you encounter a problem, or would like more information about your plan, you can contact the online assistance and make your request to the many advisers who are at your disposal 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Change plan and keep your current mobile number

Also, if you plan to change operator for this RED package and at the same time want to keep your current mobile number, know that it is possible. How ? Nothing’s easier ! Indeed, when you move from one operator to another, you must communicate your RIO to the one to whom you wish to migrate. If you don’t know what RIO number is and what it is, here is a little explanation.

The Operator Identity Statement (RIO) represents the unique identifier of a telecom subscriber. In general, the RIO is made up of 12 characters (letters or numbers). To obtain it, dial 3179 from your mobile phone. You will receive the information to port your number.

Among them is your end date of commitment, as well as the famous RIO number of your line. Even if they are communicated to you by voice, you will be able to find them easily since they are also sent by SMS. Finally, note that the process is completely free.

You will have understood it, this 80 GB package at 9 euros by RED by SFR is clearly one of the best on the market to which it is possible to subscribe for a few more days. It offers a multitude of advantages, and allows you to take advantage of its services both in France and abroad.

Convenient if you plan to go on vacation this summer. Finally, remember that the triple-cut SIM card, compatible with all mobiles on the market, costs 10 euros to be paid when you register.

To discover the RED by SFR mobile plan, go here:

I take advantage of the offer

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