Samsung and Edelvives join forces for learning math through games

In order for mathematics to go from being boring to being fun, thus facilitating its learning for Early Childhood and Primary Education students, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and the publisher Edelvives have signed an agreement this past Wednesday for the commercialization of tablets for Education from Samsung with the integrated Matific digital math learning platform.

Matific is a digital platform for learning the educational subject of mathematics, designed by experts in education, that enables each student to learn this subject according to their level of understanding.

In this sense, Matific It has more than 2,500 gamified activities that are developed in a fun environment that invites learning that makes it easier for each student to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Approaching education in a fun way with technology

As indicated in a press release:

Matific, interactive mathematics platform designed under the ten pedagogical principles that were developed by specialists from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and the Einstein Institute, recognized worldwide and that has been shown to increase student performance by up to 34%.

With this agreement, teachers will have a flexible and adaptable resource at the pace of the students according to their progress, while parents or guardians will also be able to help their children learn the subject of mathematics better, having access to the learning progress metrics of this academic subject through the Family Zone.

Samsung is pleased to be able to offer a technological product within its “Technology with Purpose” strategy with which to enable new learning paths based on technology and innovation.

There is no doubt that it will be a resource that will help, above all, in the face of the next school year, and whose agreement coincides just when the application deadlines for school places begin to open.

More Information / Image Credit: Samsung Spain

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