Sonos Sub mini shows up on tech sketches!

We’ve already reported that there will soon be a smaller version of Sonos’ subwoofer. Now Sonos Sub mini shows up on official sketches.

Sonos Sub mini – powerful midget of the Sonos family!

Recently, Sonos has announced many products and even introduced an assistant. And now more and more information about the Sonos Sub mini is emerging. So far there have already been pictures of what the small subwoofer will look like.

However, an official technical drawing has now also appeared at the American approval authority FCC.

Sonos Sub mini skizze

As expected, the new Sonos subwoofer will be cylindrical in shape with a vertical cut-out in the center of the unit. Another button and a network connection can also be seen in the picture. The button is probably necessary for pairing the devices. Because the Sonos Sub mini cannot be used alone.

It is still not known when the Sonos Sub mini will be available and how much it will cost. But it can’t last too long. Once a product shows up with the FCC, things move very quickly.

We will of course report back when we have new information. What do you think of the new Sonos Ray soundbar? Personally, the soundbar is too small for me. I am curious whether the new subwoofer is also compatible with other devices and how much power the Sub mini offers!


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