Star Wars takes up arms to defend an actress from Obi-Wan Kenobi

While Moses Ingram has been the victim of an online harassment campaign since the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars is toughening up the tone.

Out for a few days on Disney+series Obi-Wan Kenobi must already face a first controversy. On Instagram, Moses Ingram shared some of the many racist messages she received on social media. The actress, who plays Reva Sevander, is facing an online hate campaign linked to her skin color.

Although she admits to being grateful for the support she gets from some fans, she admits to having some difficulties in managing the situation. “No one can do anything to stop this hate, so I wonder what my purpose is in explaining to you that this is happening. I think what bothers me is the kind of feelings I had. I just have to shut up and accept it, you know? “

But these racist and hateful comments have not gone unnoticed. Lucasfilm was therefore quick to take up arms to defend his actress. On Twitter, a few hours after the broadcast of this story, the studio shared an unequivocal publication. The firm condemns any behavior of the kind:

We are proud to welcome Moses Ingram to the Star Wars family and look forward to sharing Reva’s story. If anyone wants to make her feel unwanted, we have only one thing to say: we resist. There are over 20 million sentient species in the Star Wars galaxy, don’t choose to be racist.”

Obi-Wan speaks

Ewan McGregor, lead actor and producer of the series Obi-Wan Kenobi, also spoke about it. On a video shared by the official account Star Warshe first thanks the fans who have made the series the most popular in the history of the platform.

He nevertheless sends a message to all those who have or would like to send hateful messages to the actress. “Moses is a brilliant actress, a brilliant woman and she is absolutely gorgeous in this series. She brings so much to this series and this franchise. We love Moses and if you post racist comments you are no longer a fan in my eyes. There is no place in this world for racism.”

Not a first

This is not the first time that a black actor or actress has faced this kind of campaign. John Boyega, who plays Finn in the film saga, also suffered a wave of racist comments when he announced his participation in The force awakens.

In an interview with GQ, released in September 2020, it had addressed the issue of racism in the film industry. For him, his character had gradually been removed from the narrative in favor of the white protagonists. “What I would say to Disney is don’t sell a black character as much more important in the franchise than they are, and then push them aside. It’s not good.” Let us also recall that at the time of the release of the Force Awakens in the cinema, the Chinese poster had been revised to reduce the place taken by John Boyega.

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