a Formula 1 engine in a road car

Mercedes-AMG has just presented the latest “ONE” a car powered by a Formula-1 engine with more than 1000 horsepower.

Mercedes has dominated the world of Formula 1 since 2014. The German firm has won all the constructors’ and drivers’ world championships (except 2021) since the arrival of hybrid engines in the fastest cars in the world. Masterfully developing this new automotive technology, Mercedes dominates on circuits around the world. But that’s not enough for the star brand.

Indeed, Mercedes does not work in F1 only for the competition itself, the ambitions of the firm are much greater. With the latest version of the Mercedes AMG-ONE, the brand from Stuttgart takes on the features of Formula 1 engines, but in a sports car, designed for the road.

This is the first time that a manufacturer has reused modern F1 technologies to such an extent to put them to good use in road production. Unveiled on June 1, the Mercedes AMG-ONE is therefore powered by a hybrid engine very close to that of the W13the Mercedes currently racing in F1.

In addition to this engine coming straight from the world of competition, the brand with the star offers lines and aerodynamics to match. The latest AMG-ONE sits very low with a very aggressive front end that dips towards the road. Other great innovation brought back from F1 by Mercedes on this car, it is the famous DRS.

This system, which acts on the rear wing, reduces drag in a straight line and thus gains a few km/h. Present in F1 since 2013 (he who had been brought by Mercedes), the DRS is therefore arriving on a road car. The rear wing of the Mercedes AMG-ONE is indeed capable of modifying its wind resistance to provide more or less downforce to the car.

The “DRS” the F1 functionality that this Mercedes lacked?

The Stuttgart firm presents three usable layouts. The first “Highway” is designed for economical driving on the highway with minimal wind resistance. In “Track” mode, the fin will lower even more to give feelings close to the world of sport. Finally, with the “Race DRS” mode it is possible to open the rear wing to drastically reduce drag.

According to the brand with the star, the new Mercedes AMG-ONE is capable of reaching 200 km/h in just 7 seconds. With a maximum speed above 350 km/h, the car has a motorization that exceeds all expectations. With 1063 horsepower, it is automatically in the top of the most powerful cars in the world.

An overpowered but surprisingly comfortable car

As far as the engine is concerned, Mercedes has chosen a 574 hp heat engine (necessary for road homologation). The rest of the power is given by the 400 kW electric motor. Despite a power close to that of a Formula-1, the car remains very comfortable (on paper). Mercedes has chosen driving pleasure over performance.

The car thus has air conditioning and a large infotainment screen. Presented at the stop on June 1, it will now be necessary to wait until the end of the month to have a demonstration of the power of the car. See you at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood at the end of the month.

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