Big price drop on Black Shark’s wireless gaming headphones

Very few Bluetooth headphones are specialized in gaming. And for good reason, the lack of technologies that eliminate the latency between the headphones and the smartphone. However, this does not seem to be the case with Bluetooth headphones from the Black Shark brand, which is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2.

Indeed, we can count wireless headphones (and therefore Bluetooth) on the fingers of our two hands. Nevertheless, on-board technologies are hardly developed that they are already overtaken by more recent technologies. If you want to be currently at the cutting edge of technology in terms of your Bluetooth headphones, you will absolutely have to go to those from Black Shark. Moreover, these are currently on sale at Amazon at the price of 28 ā‚¬ instead of ā‚¬44.99 when they were released.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

Black Shark comes to the aid of gamers on smartphones

The manufacturer Black Shark offers with these Bluetooth headphones dedicated to gaming technologies such as the Bluetooth 5.2. The latter will literally lower the latency between the receiver, the Black Shark Bluetooth gaming headphones, and your smartphone (Apple, Samsung, etc.). In short, for gaming, for watching movies, series or even our videos on YouTube, these Bluetooth headphones will be perfect.

Of course, to accompany you all day, you can rest its 24 hours of autonomy thanks to the charging box. Moreover, if you tend to sweat at the slightest difficulty in front of an enemy or if you are used to doing a little sport before going geeking, no problem, the Black Sharks are IPX5 certified.

Note that these are in-ear Bluetooth gaming headphones, which allows for passive noise reduction. The flat sides of the Lucifer T4 Bluetooth headphones have a touch zone to interact directly with your smartphone.

In short, hurry before this crazy Black Shark Lucifer 4 promotion ends. As a reminder, Black Shark’s Lucifer 4 are currently on sale atAmazon at the price of 28 ā‚¬ instead of ā‚¬44.99 when they were released.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

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