BMW is preparing a 100% electric version of its “X1” SUV

BMW plans to launch a new electric car in 2023, based on the X1 compact SUV, the brand announces 400km of autonomy.

BMW is today one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. The Bavarian brand is particularly known for the reliability of its models as well as a certain technological advance. In effect, BMW was one of the very first brands in the world to offer a “realistic” electric car.

With the i3, the German manufacturer shows that electric is a solution for the general public, and offers a well-finished, enduring and electric car. While the i3 was released almost 10 years ago (2013), the latter will have to give way to the new generation of “EV” models.

BMW dives headfirst into electric

Indeed, BMW announced earlier this year that the production of the i3 would end during the year 2023. The German manufacturer justifies this stop of production very symbolically as the consequence of a consequent enlargement of the range. brand electric. BMW has the ambition to offer six new electric models to its public by the end of the year, and six more next year.

We must therefore expect, in principle, to see a new electric BMW out every two months until the end of 2023. Among all these new models that are expected to go electric, the blue and white brand could take up a recipe that works well, by adapting thermal models that are already selling very well, but this time with an electric motor.

This idea could therefore lead the German group to produce an electric X1 in 2023. The brand’s “compact” SUV would therefore be entitled to its iX1 xDrive 30 version based, as its name suggests, on BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive platform. It has already been used on the i4 for a few years.

Some changes to expect

According to one of BMW’s spokespersons, Jay Hanson, the production of this new 100% electric car is well underway, but he confirmed to American media The Verge that the car should not, at first, be available only on the old continent. The car should indeed be produced in the Regensburg plant, where the brand’s thermal and hybrid cars are already assembled.

According to the first information transmitted about this new X1 car of the name, there could be some changes planned, in addition to the arrival of an electric motor and a battery. Indeed, it is announced that the car will have a wider grille at the front as well as LED lighting, door handles that merge into the latter (like at Tesla) and a squarer and more angular design on the rear of the car.

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