Instagram has new features and tools for Reels

Instagram announced a series of news for the Reels. It not only announced a new Reel duration limit, but also new creative tools for editing.

New features intended for both creators and those just getting started with creating the Reals. We tell you what these news are about.

New functions to edit and create Reels

Los instagram reels they will now be up to 90 seconds long, so it could make the process easier for users as they won’t have to split the videos. On the other hand, to boost interaction between creators and their audience, it will be allowed to use some of the Instagram Stories stickers, such as quiz and poll stickers.

And for those who are just starting out with Reels on Instagram, a tool is being added that will make it easier for them to create them without having to get too complicated: templates. If you see a Reels you like, you can use its template as a base to create your own video.

And the dynamic will be as simple as clicking on the “Use template” option to have the sequence of clips and the audio. Of course, users will be able to make all the changes they want to customize it and adapt it to their content.

And a bonus that is added with this update is the possibility of importing our own audios for the Reels. This removes the limit of only using the audios we found on Instagram. So we have a number of new features that give users more freedom when creating their Reels.

And Instagram Reels are not the only ones to receive this update, as Facebook users will also see news when creating Reels. For example, use Creator Studio to create and publish them from the web, the ability to add voiceovers, automatic subtitles, among other new features.

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