more connectivity with version 7.7 but no news of the Coolwalk interface

Android Auto it is updated almost once a month, and after a test version that has been in beta for about three weeks, it can finally be downloaded the stable version of Android Auto 7.7 from Google Play.

As usual, this version arrives with the aim of solving errors and failures of the previous one, which are usually reflected by the users themselves in the community created for this purpose. Among the most reported in recent months were bugs with voice commands it is included compatibility issues when connecting the latest Samsung models.

In addition, the main improvements of Android Auto in version 7.7 are focused on a improved “do not disturb” function and in the implementation of news for the “dark mode”, since the car interface is now independent of the phone.

And what about the long-awaited ‘Coolwalk’ design language? For now, it seems that the wait will be a little longer.

How to update Android auto to its latest stable version


On many occasions, when Android Auto is updated to its latest version, we do not see major aesthetic changes, since Google prioritizes changes at the code level to make the app evolve progressively.

These updates are not only made to fix bugs and make it run faster, but to increase your compatibilityy extend ‘wireless mode’ to more and more vehicles: a feature increasingly demanded by users.

Thus, it is always a good idea to have the app updated to ensure that it works as well as possible and that when larger changes arrive, it is easy to implement them on our device. To download the latest version, just follow a few simple steps:

  • From mobile, open Google Play and check if Android Auto has the latest update available for your device to download it.
  • If the update is not available, option B is to download the installation file of Android Auto 7.7 from APKMirror, which is completely safe. In this case, we have to check that we have chosen the correct version for our mobile phone model.
  • Install the update on your smartphone.
  • Connect or pair the phone to the car to use Android Auto 7.7.

No word on the new ‘Coolwalk’ design language


It seems that the expected new Coolwalk design languagethat Android Auto promised us at the beginning of the year is still being asked and will not be present in Android Auto 7.7 either. At least until all users can enjoy it, we will have to wait for the summer months.

This new interface ‘Coolwalk’, among other things, promises that will remove the status bar that displays information such as the time to integrate it directly into the navigation bar.

Thus, all the icons of the dynamic bar (the coverage, the battery and the time) will be concentrated in the lower part of the screen and it will be a specific button which will open the widgets instead of the conventional “Applications” button. Furthermore, the function of split interface It will no longer be exclusive to widescreens.

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