Netatmo improves its alarm system!

Netatmo improves its alarm system, in which the manufacturer connects the alarm sirens together.

Netatmo is not only super chic, but also super secure!

If you already have a few Netatmo products, then you probably know that there is an additional alarm siren for smart indoor cameras. The outdoor cameras also have a variant with an integrated alarm siren. So far, however, the sirens have worked independently.

Now Netatmo has linked the sirens together to offer users greater security. This means all the sirens in the house will go off as soon as just one siren is triggered. Clever move! And it gets damn loud at 110 dB each.

In addition to the alarm, a notification is automatically sent to the smartphone and the floodlights of the outdoor camera can be activated. As if a thief would still dare!

For the Apple fans, Netatmo cameras also support HomeKit Secure Video. The indoor camera is currently available for 129 euros. The additional siren is 73 euros. There is also a set of indoor camera, alarm siren and three contact sensors for 293 euros.

Anyone who relies on security is certainly willing to invest. Netatmo products are really good and offer a lot of features.


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