Rumor suggests that Apple would be working on its own search engine

A few days before the celebration of WWDC 2022, A rumor circulates again that Apple is preparing to launch its own search enginewhich would be developing in secret.

The rumor now comes from the evangelist Robert Scoble, who through his Twitter profile, indicates it without giving more details about it. in a thread in which they point out the announcements they expect to see from Apple over the next year.

Scoble himself points out to some media that the idea of Apple he is going to launch his own search engine based on some conversations with close sources as well as some deductions that he himself makes with all the information he has about the companyalthough not everything has been successful in its forecasts in the past.

A rumor that is more than possible to become a reality

In this sense, he does not expect any announcement at the WWDC next week, for which we will have to wait until January of next year to see an official announcement from the company, according to what he says. If true, Apple would enter to compete in a segment strongly dominated by its great rival: Google.

At this point, it could not come as a surprise, knowing the reorientation exerted by Apple in recent years towards services in the face of a drop in income from the sale of hardware.

With the share currently occupied by iOS and Safari, Apple could be in a position to subtract user share from the almighty Google, in addition to obtaining a new source of income that could compensate for the loss of income by not having Google’s investment. to position your search engine in the company’s products.

Nor should we forget that the company already has experience replacing Google services with services developed by itself, as is the case with Apple Maps, despite the fact that it was difficult to start at the beginning.

Therefore, It is also not unreasonable to think that Apple could launch its own search engine on the Internet, especially when it also has experiences of searches with Siri and Spotlight so users can refer to anything they needso it would be interesting to know, if true, to whom this new service would be directed.

As always, and more so in this case, this rumor will have to be taken with all possible caution, but given the rivalry between Apple and Google, we still get a surprise and we could find a new search engine that can shake the foundations of Google.

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