SEGA prepares the launch of its new mini retro console for October

Despite the fact that SEGA joined the train of miniature retro consoles already underway, when rival companies had been launching their own options for some time, and after the success of SEGA Mega Drive Mini launched in 2019, hosting 42 game titles, the company is already preparing for the launch of a new version that, in addition to admitting games by cartridges, it will also admit them by CDas announced today Friday in a live broadcast.

The new sega mega drive mini 2which will also be known SEGA Genesis, It will be commercially launched in the Japanese market on October 27 at the price of 9,980 yen.equivalent to just over 71 euros at the exchange rate, although at the moment it is unknown if the company also plans to offer it to international markets, where there will surely be quite a lot of interested parties.

Passion for 16-bit retro gaming

For its launch, it is expected that it will already have more than 50 game titles available, including additional titles that have not been found on the original consoles, confirming titles such as Silpheed, Shining Force CD, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Virtua Racing and Shining in the Darkness, where both these and the rest of the game titles can be enjoyed by users at resolutions of 720p and 480p.

One of the things that users will be most excited about is the compact size of the device itselfwhich measures 120.8 mm wide, 32.3 mm high and 116.5 mm long, you can see that it is even smaller than the 2019 retro mini consolefitting in the palm of a hand, being also lighter to carry anywhere, and even to store anywhere without taking up much space.

There is no doubt that, despite the technological advances received in the consoles, there is a niche of users who are followed wanting to play retro games like they used to do in the pastand that these games continue to attract the attention of both adults and children, as can be seen in the events related to retro consoles.

It is already a matter of the company sharing all the possible details, and encouraging itself to take it to international markets. Those interested will be able to learn more about the possibilities of this new mini retro console through the rebroadcast that SEGA has available on its YouTube channel.

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