The 10 best-selling cars in Italy in May 2022: 8 models are Stellantis

Archived also the month of May 2022, it is already time to see what the 10 best-selling cars in Italy in the last 31 days, a ranking that hands down the work of the Stellantis Group.

The huge Italian-French industrial center that owns 14 different brands, from Fiat and Maserati, passing through Lancia (Lancia revives Delta and Ypsilon), Peugeot and Citroen, placed 8 models in the Top 10. In the first place there is the inevitable Fiat Panda with 11,955 unitsto the second the half-sister Lancia Ypsilon with 4,257 unitsthird place instead for a great classic of our market: the Fiat 500. The small Fiat house sold 3,172 units.

It is necessary to move to the fourth position to find a German car: the Volkswagen T-Roc with 3,158 carschased by another Stellantis car, namely the Jeep Compass with 3,042 units. Sixth place for the Citroen C3another great classic Stellantis, with 2,624 registered cars, while in seventh place another great Jeep success: Renegade sold 2,582 units. The excellent Toyota Yaris Cross took eighth place with 2,374 units, while the Peugeot 208 it ranks ninth with 2,337 units. Closes the Top 10 onOpel Corsa with 2,289 cars sold.

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