the merger between Disneyland and Mario is coming soon

Mario and his friends already have the right to their own amusement park in Japan, but it’s our turn to discover the Mushroom Kingdom.

In the amusement park industry, there are two giants who reign supreme: Disney et Universal. While we know Disneyland well in France, we are a little less familiar with the Universal Studios parks. With many destinations across the globe, Universal Parks offers immersive experiences similar to Disney Parks, but centered around many other film franchises and the world of pop culture in general.

We can then find themed areas Harry Potter, Jurassic World and many others. But a few years ago, Universal secured a special guest for its future: Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber. The Kyoto firm and the entertainment giant have teamed up to bring Nintendo’s colorful worlds to life at Universal Studios parks around the world. After the opening of the first Super Nintendo World last year in Japanthe first American version of this interactive park has just revealed its opening date.

From Los Angeles to the Mushroom Kingdom there is only one step

In “early 2023”, there will be no need to go all the way to Japan to visit Mario and his friends since Super Nintendo World will open its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood en Californie. In addition to enjoying the west coast sun, it will now be possible to compete on the circuits of Mario Kart and pose in front of Princess Peach’s castle. Whereas the Japanese park is already preparing its first extension centered around the Donkey Kong universethe reduced space in the American park will only allow the construction of one attraction, but not the least: Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge.

This attraction with innovative technologies invites you to put on an augmented reality headset similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens in the shape of a Mario cap to live an extraordinary experience. It is then possible to see the world of Mario Kart come to life around you in a very real setting, but with digital visual effects. The attraction is of course interactive and offers you throw shells at your enemies to achieve victory. Depending on how your team is doing, the attraction may end with you or Bowser’s team winning.

Super Nintendo World is inspired by cult licenses from the world of video games, it obviously offers “gameified” experiences. Using a small bracelet called “Power-Up Band”, it is possible to interact with the scenery of the park and the Mario Kart attraction to save your scores, earn coins and place yourself in a ranking with the visitors of the day. The success of this formula is such that new Super Nintendo World are to open in Orlando, Florida and in Singapore.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Universal park in Europe allowing the arrival of Mario and his friends in closer regions, but it is already nice to see this new innovative concept being exported to a Western country. See you in Hollywood in 2023 to discover the first English version of Super Nintendo World.

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