The three fines that the DGT puts the most for driving badly at roundabouts

46 years have passed since the first roundabout arrived in Spain but, despite this, there are not a few drivers who do not circulate correctly at these intersections.

The DGT remember what the most common offenses at these circular intersections, and the fines associates, which can reach up to 500 euros and the subtraction of six points from the card.

According to the latest Traffic data, of the 72,959 traffic accidents with victims that were registered in 2020, a total of 7,104 took place in a roundabout, mostly urban (two out of three). In them, 61 deaths and 433 serious injuries were also recorded.

Most common infractions in roundabouts and the fines for committing them

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According to these same statistics published by the DGT, one in three drivers involved in a road accident at a roundabout committed at least one infraction.

Among the most recurrent recorded we find do not respect the priority (20% on interurban roads and 19% in the city), excessive speed (8% and 5% respectively), or not keeping a safe distance (5% on urban roads).

These infractions are considered by the Traffic Law as serious and very serious, and may involve fines of up to 500 euros and the rest of six points of the license.

Not in vain, some are indicated by the DGT as reckless drivingthen according to the Traffic Regulations Motorists must “drive with the necessary diligence and precaution to avoid any damage to themselves or others, taking care not to endanger both the driver himself and the other occupants of the vehicle and the rest of the road users.”

Priority: 200 euros and four points

Source: DGT

The most common infraction in roundabouts, one in five, is that of not respect the right of way. This basically has the cars and vehicles that circulate inside it, unless a signal (traffic light, road marking) or an agent order otherwise.

As you remind DGT, entering a roundabout without respecting the right of way can cause sudden braking, overtaking or collisions.

This infraction is classified as serious in traffic regulations (Article 76.c), for which a fine of 200 euros. But it is also among the faults that carry the subtraction of pointsthat your case are four.

Speeding: 500 euros and six points

Source: DGT

Another of the most recurrent offenses at roundabouts are those related to speed: the 8% of drivers involved in accidents in roundabouts he exceeded the marked limit or was driving at an inappropriate speed.

The roundabouts they are never designed to travel at high speeds and, as the DGT points out, exceeding the limit can prevent additions, the change of lane of other vehicles or even invade several lanes to control the car, given the circular layout.

On the other hand, in those regulated with pedestrian crossings, the risk of being run over for these vulnerable users is increased, as the reaction time is reduced given the reduced space.

That is why the regulations consider reckless driving circulate in a roundabout above the limit, or with an inappropriate speed, which means 500 euros fine, as it is considered a very serious infraction, and the rest of six points of the card.

Lane indiscipline: 200 euros

Source: DGT

Another common offense committed inside a roundabout has to do with not using the lanes correctlyas well as not signaling the change in them or the exit of the roundabout.

Traffic remembers that the use of lanes inside a roundabout is like in any other section of road: you must occupy the one on the right, or the one that is most convenient in urban areas.

Changing lanes without signaling, or not using them correctly, is typified as a serious infraction and translates into a sanction of 200 eurosbut it does not entail the subtraction of points from the card.

Other offenses

Source: DGT

Beyond speeding, there are other bad practices in roundabouts that can be considered as reckless driving that, let us remember, is always sanctioned with 500 euros and the rest of six points of the card.

  • Cross exit from inside lane: when leaving the roundabout from one of the inside lanes.
  • Departure without giving priority to a cyclist or motorcycle.

In addition, reckless driving may be considered crime against traffic if it means endangering “the life or integrity of persons”, as stated in the Article 380 of the Penal Code.

And prison sentences of six months to two years and the withdrawal of the driver’s license of between one and six years are punishable.

Keys to circulate in a roundabout

roundabout cars driving flashing

And what is the proper way to circulate in a roundabout? We review the fundamental aspects indicated by the DGT.

  • Enter the roundabout. You should always slow down or stop if it is not safe to access.
  • Use of lanes. If the roundabout is outside the city, you should always drive to the right. And if it is urban, by the lane that is most convenient for the destination, in this case the exit to take.
  • Exit the roundabout. A roundabout must always be left from the outside lane. To do this, if you are driving through an interior lane, you must first change to said lane and, if you do not have time to do so, it is advisable to take another turn until it is safe.
  • Signpost. If we change lanes, we must signal (left or right), as well as if we are going to leave the roundabout, for which we must turn on the right intermittent.

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