eBay offers from the Re-Store: Refurbished technology highlights particularly cheap thanks to a voucher code


Many technology highlights are offered at special prices in the eBay re-store. With a voucher code you can save up to 50 euros when buying cell phones, Dyson devices and more.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Dyson vacuum cleaner or a Samsung cell phone – the purchase of new technology can sometimes be quite expensive. An alternative to buying new goods offers you eBay with refurbished products. These should be up to 50 percent cheaper than the recommended retail price.

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But that’s not all. There are many more benefits that we will detail later in this article. First, we will show you which technical highlights you can currently expect from the certified refurbished items and how much you can save compared to a new device.

Watch out: Currently you can save a lot in the eBay re-store. With the coupon code “PROMORESTORE” you get a discount of up to 50 euros on selected products.

Dyson 360 Heurist

Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum
440,10€744,00€-40% eBay

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The vacuum robot Dyson 360 Heurist currently only costs you 440.10 euros on eBay if you use the voucher code “PROMORESTORE” uses. A good price and significantly cheaper than new goods from other retailers. They currently charge at least 744 euros, often even more.


Dyson Pure Cool

Dyson Pure Cool Link
395,10€549,00€-28% eBay

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

You can get the Dyson Pure Cool Link on eBay in the official Dyson shop as a certified refurbished device for 395.10 euros. Use the voucher code for the promotional price PROMORESTORE. A very good price, because a new device currently costs at least 549 euros.

TO THE DEAL More details about the offer

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20+ | 128 gigabytes of storage
350,26€782,41€-55% eBay

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 + with 128 gigabytes of memory costs only 350.26 euros on eBay in a certified refurbished condition if you use the voucher code “PROMORESTORE” uses. A strong deal. You have to pay at least 782.41 euros for a new device.

The seller states the condition as technically perfect. Visually, there should be minimal to slight signs of wear.

The mobile phone is equipped, among other things, with a 12-megapixel triple camera, eight gigabytes of RAM and a powerful Exynos 990 processor.

TO THE DEAL More details about the offer

Dyson Coralle Nickel Fuchsia

Dyson Corrale Nickel/Fuchsia
301,50€379,00€-20% eBay

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Dyson tools are in demand, and the Corrale straightener is no exception. It has three temperature settings that make it suitable for all hair types. The hair straightener can be used both with and without a cable, with a wireless runtime of up to 30 minutes being possible. You can get a bargain on eBay for only 301.50 euros if you enter the coupon code “PROMORESTORE” uses. Most other dealers charge 379 euros for a new product, usually even more.

TO THE DEAL More details about the offer

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute
278,10€399,00€-30% eBay

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The Dyson V8 Absolute offers a slightly longer battery life than the V7 at 40 minutes. Accessories include an electric brush with direct drive, electric brush with soft roller, combination accessory nozzle, crevice nozzle, extra soft brush, mini electric brush and a wall bracket with charging station. You can get the cordless vacuum cleaner on eBay for with the coupon code “PROMORESTORE” for 278.10 euros. For new goods, at least 399 euros are due from other retailers.

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Whether Media Markt, Saturn, eBay or Otto, whether in a brochure or online: in ours purchase advisors we show you the best deals. You can find offers similar to this one here, for example, on the following pages:

You can find more certified refurbished items directly on eBay on the corresponding category page. If you would like to browse through other offers, just take a look directly at the shopping platform.

at eBay about the offers*


Whatever product you’re after, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on eBay as certified refurbished goods. Numerous top brands such as Dyson, Bosch, Asus or DeLonghi are represented.

What exactly are certified refurbished items, what about the guarantee and the right of return and why do you act sustainably when you buy such products? We give you the answers to your questions below.

Refurbished is trendy

Refurbished used goods are very trendy, mainly because of their sustainability. It doesn’t always have to be new. This is also suggested by current figures from the online marketplace. eBay Germany has evaluated the search queries and sales figures from 2021 and compared them with the two previous years.

According to this, search queries for climate-neutral products increased by 118 percent, for regional by 23 percent and for sustainable products by 47 percent compared to 2020. The sale of obsolete items also increased – especially in the electronics sector. Here, eBay recorded growth of 20 percent for smartphones, computers and notebooks and 49 percent for PC and video games.

What are refurbished items?

Refurbished Products, also known as “refurbished”, have been used and had a previous owner. Before such items go on sale, they are inspected and tested by the retailer.

With the purchase of such articles you not only save money, you also act sustainably, because these products remain in use longer. As a result, no resources need to be consumed to create a new product of this type.

Tried and tested

During reprocessing, the items are examined for defects, damage and optical imperfections. Any blemishes that come to light during this check will be corrected or otherwise stated. There are the following article categories:

  • Certified – Refurbished: The item is in perfect, like new condition that fully meets the manufacturer’s specifications – including a 1-year seller guarantee.
  • Excellent – Refurbished: The item is in like-new condition – including a 1-year seller guarantee.
  • Very good – Refurbished: The item is in very good condition – including a 1-year seller guarantee.
  • Good – Refurbished: The item is in good condition – including a 1-year seller guarantee.

Of course, the price also depends on the condition. You save the most with “Good – Refurbished”, but you may have to live with minor blemishes. However, the products are functional in every category. The one-year guarantee is also available everywhere.

Professional remanufacturing at “Certified – Refurbished”

These are reprocessed directly by the manufacturer or by a dealer authorized by him. This way you can be sure that this will be done with the highest level of professionalism. After all, people who are very familiar with the products are responsible for this.

The products are provided with the accessories with which they were delivered when they were purchased new and repackaged. In rare cases, both the accessories and the packaging may not be the original. But that’s not bad, because you will definitely get a replacement of equal value.

Just in case

If, contrary to expectations, there is a problem, you can legal warranty Make use. This is valid for one year from purchase. You will also receive a guarantee from eBay for this period.

This has the advantage that you do not have to prove that you are not to blame if there is a defect. There is also the option of returning a purchased item within 30 days.

Current offers on eBay

In addition to this top deal, there are of course many more at the moment eBay listingswhere you can save. Below we show you the highlight offers from the technology area.

With eBay Plus the online marketplace offers its own loyalty program. With the paid service you get, among other things, free premium shipping and exclusive offers. Questions regarding Shipping costs on eBaythe B-Ware center as well as financing options we answer you in the linked articles.

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