Google Assistant puts an end to location reminders

Google Assistant appears to be putting an end to some of the types of reminders it allows users to create.

Although the Google team has not mentioned anything about it, some notifications are already appearing mentioning that these types of reminders can no longer be created. We tell you that it will change within the reminder system that you can create with the Google Assistant.

Types of reminders that you can no longer create with the Google Assistant

One of the functions you find within the section of the google assistant are the reminders. You can set reminders for everything from “Feed my pet every morning”, “Take out the trash on Sunday nights” to “Call my family on Friday night”.

And in addition to reminders by dates, the Assistant allows us to create reminders by location. Reminders such as “Remind me to take my vitamins when I get home” “Remind me to call Mom when she gets to work”, etc.

These reminders are based on the addresses we have registered, work and home, in our Google account. A practical dynamic that can save us some forgetfulness and headaches. However, these types of reminders are about to disappear.

As mentioned in 9to5Google, the Google app is showing a message “Soon you will no longer be able to put reminders in locations” within the Reminders section. The Google team has not provided any comment on this, and on the Assistant Help page it only mentions that “you can still create reminders for a certain time and use Assistant Routines”.

Although he mentions them as alternatives, none of them offer the dynamics of creating reminders by location. Secondly, The Verge It also mentions that Google Assistant is doing away with “Assignable Reminders,” which are the ones that allow you to create reminders between family members.

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