How to find a stolen or missing Android mobile with the help of an iPhone

Many of us have a problem with knowing what to do when a mobile phone disappears or has been stolen, since the issue of trying to find it or block it remotely sounds like a real headache.

However, the story does not turn out to be like that and today, this to locate, block or reset a mobile phone remotely It is something quite simple, comfortable and intuitiveeven even if we talk about finding an Android device from an iPhone.

As they are two different operating systems, it is evident that you will not be able to access those native options that the Android mobile has to be found from the iPhone. However, and as long as the Android has the find my device, yes, there is a way so that you can carry out the search from an iPhone terminal.

Before starting, remember the video of how to find an android even if it is in silent mode:

Find your mobile is the website that will help you locate your Android mobile from iPhone

To make a short story, the process can be done easily from the home page. Find your mobilewhich you can access from Google Chrome or the browser you use on the iPhone. Leaving this point clear then, let’s go now with the steps you must follow to find an Android through an iPhone.

– From the iPhone that you will do the search, enter the following link to go to the website of Find your mobile.
– Sign in with the same Gmail account you use on your Android phone.
– When you have been able to access your account, choose the Android device you want to find.

Once the information and data of the mobile in question is displayed, you will be able to see a map at the top of the screen where it will be shown the last location of the smartphone that Google receivedplus a few options in the lower area.

These are intended to help you play sound, lock device y Wipe device datawhich, by the way, can only be used if the Android mobile is connected to the internet.

In general, this is practically the best option there is to be able to find a lost or stolen Android mobile, so if you are going to use it to find the device, go do it at once, since for these cases every second counts.

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