plug-in hybrids on the siding

Is this the end for plug-in hybrids? This category of car, which makes it possible to benefit from financial aid from the State, is indeed in the crosshairs of a European standard.

Several automakers are betting on a cocktail of all-electric and plug-in hybrids to withstand the current transition. While it takes a lot of money to develop and produce 100% electric vehicles, the process needed to manufacture plug-in hybrids requires less investment.

More stringent standard

This is why some of them are putting pressure on Brussels to postpone the date from which thermal vehicles can no longer be sold in Europe (in 2035, normally). Unfortunately for these manufacturers, the transition to the Euro 6th pollution standard will put them in serious trouble. This standard changes the calculation method that determines the volume of emissions from plug-in hybrids.

The coefficient used in the formula will take more account of the thermal engine of these cars. By 2027, the final figure will be increased by 2.5 times: a plug-in hybrid that emits 50 g/km of CO2 will produce 125 g/km, according to the site Clean Automotive. We can say goodbye to the state’s green bonuses on the purchase of these vehicles!

Manufacturers will however be able to ensure that their plug-in hybrids can continue to benefit from public aid, but to do this the vehicles will have to integrate a larger electric battery, to the detriment of the combustion engine. It’s not impossible, but most players in the industry probably don’t have the resources or the time to invest in the production of such models, when 100 cars already have to be worked hard. % electric.

This standard will also put an end to the circumstantial aid from which motorists can benefit who, ultimately, only use the heat engine of their rechargeable hybrids. In the future, everything will push them to change vehicles and go all-electric.

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