this box of more than 30 games created by children is ideal for the holidays

Les Histoires Γ  Jouer is an Ulule project of the Jean-Moulin school located in La Roche sur Yon in order to create 30 board games dedicated to children.

Les Histoires Γ  Joue was produced in partnership with Cosmo Duck and iKi iKi, it is a project initiated by the Jean-Moulin school, centered on artistic expression and education, the emotional health of children, living together and co-creation. If we are talking about it today, it is simply because the project seemed interesting to us.

Available in crowdfunding via the French platform Ulule, the Stories to Play is a small box of board games containing elements to play (12 Meeples of 4 different colors, 2 large Meeples, 1 round token and a dice) and a booklet filled with 33 original and different game rules, which all work with the same hardware. In detail, there are 3 games ((In)justice in the Wild West, Panic at the Robot Factory, Monster School) created by Maryse Boyer and Phil Vizcarro, which address themes such as empathy, harassment or the importance of the collective. And there are obviously 30 games created by the students of the Jean-Moulin school.

Pour 16 euros (delivered to your home), this little box of games is ideal for the holidays, especially if you have children, since it deals with important subjects at the same time while remaining playful. The Ulule campaign ends in a few days and the first deliveries are announced for early July.

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