WhatsApp will have a new security feature to prevent account theft

WhatsApp is developing a new security feature for logins, both in its iOS and Android app.

This new dynamic would give users extra security and would be a new tool to combat account theft.

WhatsApp wants to implement a second verification code

As mentioned WABetaInfo, WhatsApp wants to add a second verification code. Why this security measure if we already have a verification code system? It would be an extra to prevent users from being tricked into stealing their WhatsApp account accounts.

As can be read on social networks, there are not a few users who are deceived with messages like “Your WhatsApp account will expire in 2 days. You have to renew it by sending the code that we sent you by SMS” or “We have detected unusual activity in your account. Confirm your identity with the verification code» to share the verification code.

And although it has been emphasized time and time again that you should not share your WhatsApp code with anyone, this strategy still works for hackers. To avoid this, WhatsApp wants users to implement a double verification code system.

That is, if the user fell for the first time in the trap and shares the first code, the attacker will be able to log in successfully but will need the second code to finish the process. In the meantime, the account owner will receive a WhatsApp message alerting them that someone wants to log into their account.

At that point, the user should already realize that it is a scam and avoid sharing the second verification code. By not having this information, the attackers will only have a frustrated attempt to keep the account.

At the moment, this dynamic is still under development and will have to pass all the testing phases before they consider implementing it in future WhatsApp updates.

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