GOGOBEST presents its offers, with an electric scooter from 99 euros, and family packages

GOGOBEST is one of the most popular brands in electric vehicles, and until June 30 they have special discounts on some products for children, as well as packs so that the whole family can enjoy them.

They have electric bicycles and children’s scooters, and some packs can already be seen on their website.

The protagonist of the offers is the GOGOBEST V1 scooter, as can be seen in this link



It’s about a electric scooter for kidsmade of firm aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, 7-inch front wheel, 6-inch rear wheel, 21.6v 2Ah lightweight lithium battery and 150W mini motor.

This 150W mini motor is quite light, which makes the scooter light in weight and can be easily carried by children.

It is characterized by offering both fun and safety, and is designed to allow children to accompany us on our adventures outside the city, or within the urban area where it is allowed, such as some parks and reserved areas.

The price includes children’s knee and elbow pads, which can be found separately in this link.

Offer packs

This electric scooter is the one that is offered in all these packs, where we also comment on some other products that are also discounted.

Package 1

For 99.99 euros (the original price was 199.99), they offer the GOGOBEST V1, with knee and elbow pads for children as a gift. Here you have the link

For 109.99 euros (the original price was 229.99) we have the GOGOBEST V1, the children’s helmet, knee and elbow protectors for children, as a gift.

package 2

This package is more complete, and costs 559.96 euros (the original price would be 699.96)

In it we have the GOGOBEST V1 children’s scooter, the Bezior S500 max adult scooter, a child’s helmet and an adult helmet, with children’s knee and elbow pads as a gift.

About him Bezios S500 max: It is a scooter with a range of up to 50 km, capable of charging in about 6 or 7 hours and reaching maximum speeds of 25 km/h.


It is foldable, ideal for urban areas, with speed that can be controlled by Bluetooth using the mobile app.

package 3

We go up to get to package 3, where we have, for 1999.97 euros (the original price would be 2399.97), a GOGOBEST V1, a BEZIOR M1 PRO e-bike and a BEZIOR M2 PRO e-bikewith knee and elbow protectors for children as a gift.

To better understand this package, we must introduce these two electric bicycles, one of the most popular of the brand.



It has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, 48v 12.5Ah power lithium battery, 48v 1000W high speed brushless motor, and 27.5 x 2.25 wheel diameter.

It is ideal for snow roads, paved roads, gravel roads and potholes, with a range of up to 100 km and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, being able to climb slopes of up to 35 degrees.

The brushless motor improves the conversion rate and energy efficiency, thus increasing autonomy.

Optionally, it has a SHIMANO 7-level transmission system, imported from Japan.

It also has a 5-inch smart LCD meter, smart LCD instruction and IP54 resistance (resistant to water and dust).



Here we have an electric mountain bike now, with light aluminum alloy frame, 48 v12.5Ah power lithium battery, 48v 500W high speed brushless motor and 26 x 2.125 wheel diameter.

It also has a range of 100 KM in electric assisted mode, and shares technical features with the previous model, including anti-slip and anti-vibration functions, and has a longer, larger, faster range and less effort. The engine has less power, yes.

Other offers for parents

Also on sale are some bikes for adults, such as:

– Folding electric city bike GOGOBEST GF300: 500W motor, foldable design, net weight 32kg. It costs 1349.99 euros, but there is a 150 discount with the coupon NAE9YY8.


– Folding electric bike Bezior X500 Pro: 500W motor, foldable design, net weight 23kg. It costs 985.99 euros, but there is a 50 discount with coupon P6CZFNWDM1MS.


– Folding urban electric bicycle Niubility B14: 400W motor, foldable design, net weight 21.5kg. It costs 619.99 euros, but there is a 35 discount with the coupon 06E4MZ3TJC6K.


In these last two models they give away these lights to avoid accidents.

These are some of the offers available, but you can consult their entirety at this link and using the coupon 9DWE87there is 50 euros discount.

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