The future line 15 of the Grand Paris Express will be equipped with 5G

Line 15 of the Paris metro will be the first of its kind to offer access to the 5G network in carriages and stations. A challenge for Totem, a subsidiary of Orange, which won the contract.

From 2025, passengers on the future line 15 of the Grand Paris Express will be able to enjoy access to 5G in all of the 16 stations that will connect Pont de Sèvres to Noisy-Champs, and over the 33 km between these stations. . Quite a technical gamble for Totem, a young subsidiary of Orange, which won the contract worth 10 million euros.

33 km to be equipped with 5G

Connecting the Paris metro network in 4G had been a formidable ordeal: these infrastructures had in fact not been designed for this cellular access, and complex solutions had to be found for, for example, the management of the heat generated by the data transfers. For line 15, it will be a little simpler, since the construction work is in progress and takes into account the new connectivity needs.

However, the objective is to ensure a smooth and constant 5G experience for 1,000 passengers per train. The wagons will travel at a higher speed than that of the intramural metros: 60 km/h, it is almost similar to an RER. The installation of equipment – ​​there will be 1,000 – and their locations will be strategic, because the line is deep. These are two large boxes that will have to be placed in each 400-meter tunnel section.

It is not Totem that will directly provide 5G to metro passengers. Traditional operators will rent the infrastructure set up by Totem, so users will not have to do anything to benefit from 5G, if they subscribe to a package including access to a 5G network of course.

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